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Discussion in 'Routing & Switching' started by punkboy101, Jan 21, 2005.

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    Hi all, just thougbht that I'd let all the CCNA student going through the NetAcademy that Cisco have recently released a usefull tool (free!!!) for practicing designing and configuring CCNA level networks.

    It is called packet tracer, and as far as I can tell (not finished playing yet [​IMG]), the router an switches are fully configurable. Better than the cr@p that I had when i did my CCNA, that's for sure.

    This might be a good option for those that want a lab, but cannot afford the real equipment at the moment. I would almost recomemd getting this over the real equipment (you can do the exact same stuff with the software, and more, eg 5 routers, 12 switches, and 150 PC's/ servers, network printers, ect, all virtual and with fully working IOS), but i'm not going to go there.

    It's a large download at 24 MB if your on dial up, but no prob if you have DSL. If you log into the academy and select alumni cnnection, there is a big ad on the right side for it.

    anyway, just thought I'd share incase anyone missed this.

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