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CCNA here I come

Discussion in 'General Cisco Certifications' started by ally_uk, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. ally_uk

    ally_uk Nibble Poster

    Hi Guys I'm 23 and have been working in the I.T sector for 4 years currently I have no certs but have gained quite alot of knowledge over the years of basic networking and providing 1st line support.

    I have decdied to undertake the CCNA then with the intention to follow it up with the CCNP I have contacted the uni and fingers crossed I should be accepted to study for the CCNA.

    I am looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead and can't wait to get my hands on with the routers and switches, Before I am due to start the CCNA I may read over network+ resources just to get up to speed on the basics of networking
  2. onoski

    onoski Terabyte Poster

    Best wishes ally:) and remember you can buy the books and study yourself at your own pace too.

    So if the university you're looking to train with is too expensive there is also this option of self study and then you can use the extra cash to buy a router and switch for hands on. Let's know what you do decide as this option is effective and way cheaper as well.
    Certifications: MCSE: 2003, MCSA: 2003 Messaging, MCP, HNC BIT, ITIL Fdn V3, SDI Fdn, VCP 4 & VCP 5
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  3. kevicho

    kevicho Gigabyte Poster

    If its any help heres how im studying.

    I have purchased
    From Amazon
    * 1 of: CCNA Portable Command Guide (Self-Study Guide)
    Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.
    * 1 of: CCNA ICND2 Official Exam Certification Guide (CCNA Exams 640-816 and 640-802)
    Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.
    * 1 of: CCNA Video Mentor: (CCNA Exam 640-802) (Video Mentor)
    Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.
    * 1 of: CCENT/CCNA ICND1 Official Exam Certification Guide (CCENT Exam 640-822 and CCNA Exam 640-802) (Exam Certification Guide)
    Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.

    From ebay


    This arrived yesterday, so has yet to be unpacked due to very early night lol

    Will probably look at test exams closer to exam time, but my plan is CCENT, as that will give me something a lot quicker, and then do the CCNA, so far have read through the ICND1 1 and a half times, the Portable Command Guide (which does contain some different useful info) and watched the video mentor for ICND1.

    So far the theory for the networking side isnt posing too much of a problem, subnetting is apparently a VERY BIG part, another thread here has a site which tests your subnetting math, until you are competant at doing it in your head.
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  4. ally_uk

    ally_uk Nibble Poster

    I am going to learn through the Uni as I find I learn and shine best by listening to other people If I self study by myself then I end up either getting distracted or bored.

    Is It a good idea to team up a CCNA with a MCP??? would that be a good decision?
  5. Wassup

    Wassup Byte Poster

  6. Panchotraining-John

    Panchotraining-John New Member

    Take a look at this! I think it would be of great help in you studies - but then I would, after all, I'm the guy who wrote it :)

    Good luck,

    John Mills CCIE #5037

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