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Ccna help

Discussion in 'Routing & Switching' started by biswalrahul, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. biswalrahul

    biswalrahul New Member

    i am planning to do ccna by self study.plz assist me on this.i have purchased sybex 7th edition.plz list any other material specially for lab work.i cant purchase routers so plz suggest me any free network simulator

    can ccna be passed by self study.help me on this topic.
    any guidance will be appreciated.
  2. Cunningfox

    Cunningfox Byte Poster

    Get hold of packet tracer if you can that's gold for CCNA.

    Any reason you can't buy router/switches? You can get extremely cheap ones off ebay that will do most things (£20 for a 2610 for example). There's nothing as good as the real thing for experience.
    Certifications: CCNP, CCNA, MCP
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