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CCNA Confusion!!

Discussion in 'General Cisco Certifications' started by Rikstaparr, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Rikstaparr

    Rikstaparr Bit Poster


    I have posted a previous thread on here, but alas, not really got what I was looking for, although some people did try to assist.... :eek:

    I'm looking to do CCNA in a classroom environment, but before I go any further, I need some help clarifying a few things. I see that CCNA is broken down in 3 modules, Discovery, Exploration and Security, is this correct? It's just that I have enquired at various colleges, Manchester College, for example, who only do the Exploration. I also enquired at Blackburn College, who do CCNA over approx 40 weeks (Doing part-time night tuition), which is too long for me.

    Can anyone advise where I could do the FULL CCNA course in a classroom environment? Of at least give me a breakdown of the complete course modules? I have researched, but there are that many companies and organisations out there offering so called full courses, but they don't seem to go into any great detail about what is offered by them, I guess you find all that out once you enquire and they pester you until you part with you hard earned money?!?!

    I had a bad experience with Computeach a few years ago and I am very wary of enquiring with these 'big' organisations!

    Although I am still employed by the Navy at this time, I am on leave and will not be going back to sea, so I am in a position to start CCNA full time immediately.
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  2. UKDarkstar
    Honorary Member

    UKDarkstar Terabyte Poster

    Try sending a message to our member Cisco Lab Rat ;)
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  3. TheITCrowd

    TheITCrowd Kilobyte Poster

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  4. absolute40

    absolute40 New Member

    I agree, maybe look into doing the CompTIA A+ course first, then get a job in IT support, then study for the CCNA or CompTIA Network+ to try to move into IT administration, if this is the way you want to go.
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  5. certnerd

    certnerd Bit Poster


    I have to tread carefully as I have been warned against posting the specific place I studied.

    As I understand it the Cisco academy program have two curriculms that aim at the CCNA (so you do one or the other). Exploration is designed for those who want a through understanding of the protocols etc and Discovery for those who don't I guess. Both are supposed to perpare you for the CCNA. I was shown both and persuaded Expolration was better. To be honest the Discovery did look a bit micky mouse. That said they are both CCNA curriculms.

    CCNA security is a seperate certification to be done after CCNA.

    Given the time frame you need, I guess you need a boot camp style course. However, If you haven't done networking before, I would want to study over a longer time frame.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2011
  6. bradwmetal

    bradwmetal Bit Poster

    Do they have something like Jr. colleges in your area? I went back to school for an Associates in Networking and the Networking classes I took were through the Cisco Networking Academy with a Cisco certified instructor. Cisco 1-4. The program also had classes in Windows, Server, and Linux Admin. Ethical Hacking, network Security, etc. Most classes used certifications as a framework for the class. So all an all I took classes for A+, Security+ Microsoft, Linux+, CEH, CCNA. Some classes would exempt the final exam for a certification. I went to a regular University years ago, and I learned more at the community college. Small classes and much less expensive.
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  7. slipned

    slipned Bit Poster

    mate you could always try the dvd's from cbt nuggets and trainsignal and a book !! thats what im doing

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