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CareerJobs Uk a.k.a Direct Junction Limited

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by ladyenyce, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. ladyenyce

    ladyenyce New Member

    Ok so I know there are loads of threads on different forums regarding this CareerJobs UK. But reading about so many helpless cases I've decided to make a new thread with what to do points now? outlined as.



    No3: If you already have SEND WRITTEN LETTER THROUGH POST WITHIN 7 DAYS to keep yourself safe.

    No4: If they do bug you that your 7 days are over and send you legal notices to your door phone the email them you were mis sold and explain how they did it illegally on all counts.

    I will be putting some links down at the bottom of my thread with your legal rights.



    I've been reading so many people defending them and saying its the person who signs up for it is the idiot as its not a scam. Well I'll tell you what they did with me which is so similar to a lot of people which makes me feel worse that I come from a sales background and did'nt realise it was more about selling and not about me as an individual. (sigh!!!)

    YES the company may be legally above board (not for long if I have anything to do with it)
    YES they do offer a training course (Microsoft and Database basic starter skills at £79 a month!!!!)
    NO this does NOT guarantee a placement as they assure you 100% for 27K starting salary.

    Ok so here's my story (I'll just copy and paste what I wrote in my transcript if the matter did escalate on and on..I like keeping myself right)

    Amount for £79 was debited out of my Lloyds Tsb account from Direct Junction Ltd also known as CareerJobsuk on 13th of September.

    Starting from the beginning on Thursday 8th September a man named Paul Jones (real name?? one wonders) rang regarding a Database Administrator job that was advertised on Totaljobs.com. He said he looked at my CV and with all my IT experience I was an ideal candidate for this type of job. After an hour conversation about my CV, gaps, what jobs I did etc.. He said he was accepting me for the next stage of the interview.

    Basically what he said was they would train me and then guarantee me a job with a starting salary of 27k how does that sound to me? Naturally I was jumping with joy as ever since graduating I have been looking for a job aimlessly.

    As expected on Friday 9th Sept a woman named Samantha Slack (hmmm is it a real name again, one wonders) phoned me telling me I had an interview and she was the trainer and placement manager (very professional). Then she went through the course and said the same as Paul after the course of 3 months (not 12 as I read in the small print) at £11 odd a week for the materials I would then be entered into the industry with a high paid job.

    Again I was really happy so far that after talking to me I may get a place and finally get a job. She said there was only a few places left and she wasn’t sure if I was the right candidate. Finally she said she’s putting all her faith in me by risking giving me the place on the training.

    I should have realised it was too good to be true. Then she asked for my card details without telling me how much she was going to take out and ‘ it was just to secure my place on the course’ so no one else could get booked. I never hesitated to give her it with being swept up in the moment without thinking she never even asked me about an amount. What she did say was I cant say the card details out loud for security purposes. Which was quite odd as I worked in sales and this never seems to be the case as long as your discreet. No card confirmation at all. But when she hung up really fast without confirming anything I got suspicious and looked on the internet to find out my suspicions were justified and it was all a scam. I then rang her back and said I wanted to cancel. She said with a totally changed bossy tone from before ‘ I’m sorry I’ve already put you on the course for 12 months’ and that she’s very disappointed that I want to cancel and she’s more disappointed in herself for putting her faith in me. In her words ‘call it naivety on my end for thinking you were the right candidate, anyway there’s nothing I can do today for you its already been sent to admin and your login details have already been sent to you . Thank you for giving me so much more paperwork to do’. Then she hung up. Not telling me anything about the 7 day in writing cancellation that thankfully I read on a number of forums and Trading Standards the ins and outs of this. By her not reading out my cancellation rights its illegal in the first place. Secondly for her not to confirm the card details another illegal move. Thirdly for her to not confirm the amount of £79 on the phone, hat trick illegal again. Anyway so she said she would ring me on Monday after the weekend but I still haven’t heard from her. I will be ringing her to see what she says.

    I then phoned Lloyds Tsb fraud department and told them my story as I was very stressed that I gave my card details like that, brainwashed as i put it. They blocked the card straight away and issued me a new one. They also said no money should come out of my account as I cancelled it straight away. I was also advised an investigation would be done if anything did come out as I have a 14 day cooling off period and the bank would get my money back for me.

    On Monday the 12th I wrote a cancellation letter and sent it to the company just incase they had CareerJobs had a ‘ 7day return in writing’ policy i saw in the small T&C. I sent it next day delivery with proof of posting. So its well within the 7 day cancellation period.

    I have just now looked at my internet banking to see a debit of £79 taken out of my account which is making me mad. What a headache for nothing.

    I will be pursuing the matter further tomorrow.

    Early morning I looked at my royal mail tracking to see the letter of cancellation had arrived to them. Then I looked at my normal email to find a letter from them that they would cancel in further notice. I didn’t really like the briefness of this and not telling me they had received anything i.e my letter. Again signed from a third name that makes me wonder if its all a big fraud down to the names..Faye Adcock..

    *removed defamatory comments*

    I then phoned Lloyds Tsb Fraud and told them I wanted my money back and the company investigated. Lloyds Tsb were great and credited my account the same day for £79 but I have to sign a declaration that it had been taken out my account fraudulently.

    I will now wait to see if I get any more junk of Career Jobs Uk saying I’m tied to the course.

    Finally I really feel that enough people write to Watchdog this will be made into a bigger issue and hopefully help other naive victims.

    Please anyone reading this write a breif watchdog complaing.Rogue Traders.

    Links: Know your rights (I've taken the urls out as it seems not to like them when i press submit)


    Google Trading Standards Distance Selling Regulations for your area

    I hope this helped as it caused me a total headache started off from totaljobs..lol
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  2. soundian

    soundian Gigabyte Poster

    That's not true. I used to work for a company recently and we had to take card details over the phone. We were forbidden to read back the card details (except last four numbers) and used a software tool to verify users card details with the card suppliers, so we knew whether the card details were correct or not. No need to read back the details to the user, that was a breach of security because someone could overhear me. If the name I typed (and it had to be letter for letter correct) didn't match the account number, the transaction would fail.
    In short, we confirmed the card details, but with the supplier not the user.
    This was huge financial firm so I can only assume they were following FSA guidelines on data security. There was certainly enough emphasis on it.
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  3. ladyenyce

    ladyenyce New Member

    I do understand what your saying. I've had the FSA and DPA and Credit Card Fraud Training which makes it more silly for me to have fallen for this **** ..lol. Times may have changed from when I worked for a large financial organisation with new software tools coming out and the security getting bumped up but it doesnt change the fact that all my card details were taken, nothing confirmed, no amount confirmed, not even the last 4 digits, nothing then the phone getting quickly put down and a promised call back. Thats just plain bad practice you've got to admit. On every level thats just wrong.
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  4. farhazj

    farhazj New Member

    Correction, it was Laila who spoke to you for the interview, not Samantha. :twisted:
  5. ladyenyce

    ladyenyce New Member

    hehe..thanks for that..yes it was Laila as she said her name was.. but a Samantha who thanked me by email for the chat with her..hmmm.. :rolleyes:

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