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Career advice

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by NWItPro, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. NWItPro

    NWItPro New Member

    Dear all,

    I would like to share my current dilemma with you and get your opinions, which I hope as ever will be as honest and as direct as possible.

    I left the armed forces after 4 years when I was 21 to go to University. Whilst at University I worked in 1st/2nd line support at a small company, installing new servers, network troubleshooting, first line support and gained a few certs, such as MCSA, CCENT, A+, ITIL Foundation and am also a member of the BCS. I very much enjoyed this work.

    I applied for and succeded in getting an internship and then after graduation onto the graduate scheme of a large blue chip organisation in their I.T. scheme, however this is not I.T. as you and I know it, it was basically low level project management of small I.T. projects with no hands on, or playing a part as a business/project analyst in large I.T. transformations.

    As I reach the end of the graduate scheme, I find that there are few jobs available in the company I am currently in and that I don't have enough experience to apply to roles elsewhere, as on the graduate scheme we moved around quite a lot. However, I also find that my 1st/2nd line support experience is too distant now and when I apply to jobs for this kind of work I very rarely receive a reply and despite chasing this up, we all know how recruitment agencies are with feedback.

    I am approaching 30 and feel that although I have worked very hard in my two various work "streams" (project management, hands on support) I don't really have a credible CV to apply to decently paid jobs in either field.

    Do you guys have any advice? Do I need to get creative with my CV and make it look more focussed to one area? Should I just try and find a low paid support job and try and work my way up?
  2. Wireless_Snake

    Wireless_Snake Nibble Poster

    What is your goal? Do you have a certain area in IT that you enjoy the most? You need to focus your CV towards that goal if you want the community to check over your cv i've seen some fantastic advice given to others on here.

    Is your certifications up to date?
    Certifications: BSc (Hons) Computer Network Tech, CCNA, CCAI

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