Can't Re-install Windows Xp

Discussion in 'Software' started by ladyd99, Mar 5, 2005.

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    I have a question.
    I wanted to format my c drive just to start fresh again. When i went to get my Cicero recovery disc, ( which is just Windows XP with sp1 on it) it wasnt there. I called the retailer and told them they must have kept my disc last year when they worked on my computer. They burned me a copy which was XP with SP2 on it. When i tryed to install it from Windows using the autorun it comes up with this error message:

    The option to upgrade will not be available at this time because Setup was unable to load the file D:\i386\WINNTUPG\NETUPGRD.DLL.
    The system cannot find the file specified.

    If i try to install it from the boot screen i get this error:

    System cannot find specifed file "viapdsk.sys" Setup has failed.

    So i called the retailer again told them i needed the original disc that came with my computer (thinking that had to be the prob). They again burned me another copy but this time it was WindowsXP with SP1 which was the version that came with my computer. But again i cant install it. I get the same error: "viapdsk.sys" not found and "install failed". That is when i try to install it from the boot screen. When i try to install it when im in windows and i get " install failed". So my questions are: Is it my computer or the discs? if it is my puter, how do i get those files back? Should i take it in to get fixed? Does Xp have the System file checker like '98 did? Do u know what those two missing files are? and finally, How did this happen to me?
    I have searched and found some fixes but they didnt work. For example i tryed to copy all the files from D:/i386 folder to C:/i386 and i also tryed updating my computer with every update i could find.

    ~Lady D~
    you can find whats on my computer here serial number: 1056847
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    Hi Lady D,

    Lemme tackle at least one of your questions:
    Yup - at a command promt, type
    sfc /scanonce
    Then re-boot, and put your XP disk in the drive when prompted. This will at least verify the system files are OK.

    What is Cicero - is this the PC manufacturer ? If so, then the disk will be an OEM version of Windows. Not sure if the File checker will work 100% with this (should tho).

    Are all your drivers in place and up to date - check Device Manager to see if anything looks out of place.

    Other than that, more ideas will be sure to follow. Oh and why not pop up to the New Members board, and give us a quick "hello" :D
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  3. AJ

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    Hi there LadyD

    Does your machine have SATA HDD in it. I found THIS.

    Now it may or may not be for you, but if you are using SATA Drives then you will need to add the driver at the beginning of the install.

    Or I could be completely wrong of course :oops:
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