can you spare two dollars

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    A bum, who'd obviously seen more than his share of hard times,
    approached a well-dressed man on the street.

    "Hey, Buddy.........can you spare two dollars?"

    The well-dressed man replied.......... "You're not going to spend it on
    liquor are you?"

    "No, sir, I don't drink," retorts the bum.

    "You're not going to throw it away on fishing gear, are you?".... the gentleman asked.

    "No way!... I don't fish either!".....answered the bum.

    "You wouldn't waste the money on a deer lease, would you?" asks the man.

    "Never!" says the bum, "I don't hunt!"

    So the man asked the bum if he'd like to come home with him for a
    home cooked meal. The bum accepted eagerly. While they were heading for the
    man's house, the bum's curiosity got the better of him.

    "Isn't your wife going to be upset when you bring a guy like me to your house for dinner?"

    "Probably," said the man, "but it'll be **** well worth it. for her to
    see what happens to a man that doesn't drink, fish or hunt"......................
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    Hehe - missed you Nuggy - where you been! Glad your back - your jokes are better than that wierd Cazz blokes! 8)
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