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Discussion in 'Internet, Connectivity and Communications' started by Phoenix, Aug 5, 2005.

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    Just thought I would share my recent experiances with this wonderful ISP, so that you can make the same mistake I did and get stuck into a years contract with them

    Late last month I had a close scrutiny of my bank statement and noticed bulldog had not taken any money, further investigation led to me noticing they had not taken money from my account since MARCH this year
    an odd occurance ofcourse, being I have a Direct debit set up with them

    Sure enough, checking through my previous bills, every bill adds another 35 quid and says 'previous outstanding' xxx to the curent sum of 210 quid

    So lets call them to arrange payment I say, off I go to contact them
    It seems the first folks i got through to cant transfer calls, so i must call pack with the right menu numbers (something I believed I had already used) and am then promptly greeted with a 'due to tremendous volume we are unable to take your call, please try back later or email us' followed by a cut off
    well this is obsurd I say, I need to speak to a real person, after further attempts it seems nothing can be done, so I give in and email them
    a week later I have YET to recieve a reply, from a finance department, when i have a 200 quid outstanding balance, do they not WANT my money? it would seem not, they made no attempt to contact me during the 6 months they were not getting paid, to ask why

    however with the end of my 12 month contract closing in (10th september) I am most certainly OUT OF HERE with regards to bulldog, so if I dont sort it out soon they will stifle me for another 35 quid the leches

    Anyone had similar experiances? OfCom recieved hundreds of complaints recently about this ubershite providor, guess I should add my mark to the list!!
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    That's pretty amazing. It's usually the other way around. The ISP just keeps billing long after the service is disconnected. I haven't run across a business yet that doesn't like getting paid, but there's always a first I guess. :rolleyes:
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    well my experience with a previous ISP is not as bad as your Phoenix, but they didnt take any payment for at least 4 months then out of the blue the connection stopped. I got my ex fiancee to ring them and find out why. They said we hadnt paid them...which was weird since they took all the direct debit details in the offset. but they said there was a mix up and couldnt process it. so she had to use her credit to pay for 4 months worth of connection and we're talking £26.99 here and it was for a 1Mb connection...we had no email or anything regarding this and I always check my email on a regular basis (like every 10min!!) but now I am back in Newcastle and using Telewest and so far all is ok...but I know how u feel Phoenix...thankfully tho it wasnt a 12 month contract with this company it was 3 months then ongoing from there...
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