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BT Home Hub Probs

Discussion in 'Wireless' started by klospros, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. klospros

    klospros Nibble Poster

    HI all,

    I have 2 BT home hubs of which im using 1 for both my wireless and wired home network. I have 3 laptops on the wireless network and 1 of them always has a very low signal, so i want to use the 2nd home hub as a repeater. I've gone into the hub menu and can use the 2nd hub and thats where the probs are. Does anyone have any ideas how i can use the hub as a repeater? I know if i got a new repeater it would come with all the documentation to set it, unfort the home hub does not:(
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  2. simongrahamuk
    Honorary Member

    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    I don't know if the Home Hubs can be used as a repeater. It may be worth you while buying a seperate third party Access Point like a Buffalo or 3Com and linking them that way.

    Other factors to consider may be the type of walls you have in your home, is it just one laptop that has a weak signal? It could be the actual wireless card that is in the laptop, in this case try using a PC Card one, since I have had simillar problems that have disapeared by switching from the internal wireless to a PC Card wireless device.

  3. GW

    GW Byte Poster

    You can setup a second wireless access point in the house and set it up as a bridge or you can have a network cable attached to that access point going back to your Internet router.

    Something I recommend is looking into the Netgear RangeMax routers which I found to be very good at getting signals in different conditions. One other thing you can look at is this:


    Haven't had the money to buy one for myself but I've heard it's pretty good at picking up weak signals.

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  4. Lume

    Lume New Member

    :D I have just joined ! So excuse the lateness, by now you have prob taken a different step to setting up the 2 BT home hubs, but just incase this is how I did it. Assuming you have the Thompson BT Home Hubs

    First, make the second hub's IP ( and turn off DHCP!) so the first is .254 make sure both Home Hubs and the wireless adapter settings are set to Manual and the same channel which i used 10 as other devices in the house interfered with the signal, for ease at this point I also named them both the same so when walking around it will stay connected between the two hubs.

    Then in security Use WEP and make the 2nd Hub use the same wireless key as the first, finally and this is the only way this worked is connect say a laptop to the LAN connection. Goto repeater settings in Wireless on the 2nd hub 'scan for wireless access points' and you should see the 1st hub appear, put a tick in the box click apply.. and do the same for the first box.. doesnt seem to work over wireless when setting this up.
    Hope that makes sense as i have just rushed it out!!. Also I most ( Not all ) WDS routers can connect to each other not just the BT Home hubs.. :blink

    Anyway theres my 10p's worth..


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