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BT 21CN Update

Discussion in 'Internet, Connectivity and Communications' started by UKDarkstar, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. UKDarkstar
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    BT 21CN Update - from ThinkBroadband news :

    21CN, BT's new 21st century network which is being deployed to unify all of its existing networks, has been in use for some time and many users now receive their broadband connection through it. The core network is complete, with the first phone call having traversed the new network toward the end of 2006. The focus now is on the customer access side to get voice and data running across it. BT expect to have coverage of 55% of the UK by Spring 2010 . For most, 21CN means faster broadband with speeds 'up to 24 meg' (with the actual speed achieved depending on the quality of your telephone line), however, there are much larger changes afoot than just increasing the speed of your connection. The whole underlying network from your local telephone exchange up to the handover point with your broadband provider changes with 21CN, and it also brings the possibility to provide new services such as fibre-to-the-cabinet or Ethernet products using the same infrastructure.

    Full story : here
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  2. craigie

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    Mate they have messed up lots of Exchanges round here, most customers where without the internet for over 24 hours.
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