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Discussion in 'A+' started by Luddym, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. Luddym

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    Sorry if this has been asked somewhere else, I've been searching and looking for it, while looking at some other interesting threads. But . . . I should be ready to book my A+ exams (Hardware and software) pretty soon and had a couple of question, if anybody could answer them for me, id be very grateful.

    1 . I know you can book the exams for the same day, but can you book them so you sit them directly after each other? I.e, if you take 30 minutes on the first, you can just immediately start the second.

    and . . .

    2 . Booking with Prometric, what sort of waiting time should i expect as far as booking is concerned. So if i booked it tommorow, for instance, would I have a very long wait until i sit it?

    Again, sorry if this has been somewhere else, if it is, i think i need a course in searching message boards. :D

    Many thanks in advance.

    The Lud
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  2. tripwire45
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    1. Yes. I booked them back to back and as soon as I finished the first, I started the second (after I let myself calm down a bit). :wink:.

    2. Probably you could book the thing a week in advance and be ok. You might want to call your local testing center. It may be possible to book a test and take it just a day or two later, depending on how eager you are.
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  3. Kitkatninja
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    First good luck with your exams.

    I don't know about Prometric, however I can't believe that it would be alot different than the Vue centers.

    1. Yes, that shouldn't be a problem. You can sit both exams back to back.

    2. To my knowledge the min amount of time that you can book an exam in advance is a day, as the testing centre has to download your exam over night. This was correct from about a year ago, as we set a Vue testing centre up.

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  4. hbroomhall

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    When I took my exams via Prometric recently I booked on Wednesday for Friday. And the impression given was that I could have booked on Thursday.

    Of course - this will depend on how busy the testing centre is. The place I've been using is in the centre of London, but has never been more than half full each time I've been there.

    When you book you are given a calandar to choose the date, which pretty much defines the wait!

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  5. Veteran's son

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    Best of luck with the exams. Luddym! :)
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  6. Rostros22

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    Choose your site location and course then you will be given a calendar with the available dates and times.

    To access this you will have to create an account with Prometric

    Hope this helps

    Good luck with your exams :biggrin
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  7. Luddym

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    Hey eveyone,

    Thanks for the answers, i can now say my mind is well at ease. And of coourse im now looking forward to taking the exams. :biggrin Well, maybe looking forward to is the wrong expression. :D

    Thanks again everyone.
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  8. Luddym

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    Hey guys, sorry to ask another questions, but . . .

    I was toying with booking my first two exams tonight, for possibly next Friday, but was wondering how i would book the two.

    I have created an account with prometric, found the testing site that i'd like to use, and got through to the date/time selection. This, is all for one exam though. How would i go about booking both exams online, so that i would sit one, and sit the next immediately?

    Thanks again in advance for any help.
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  9. hbroomhall

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    When you have booked one exam you are given the option to book another.

    I'd chose times that are contiguous, and phone the testing centre to check that this is OK with them, and to explain what you are doing.

    I've found that the testing centre I use has been very helpful. Other places may of course differ.

    In addition, I have had no probs arriving early for an exam and starting straight away, so clearly the times can be flexible.

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  10. Boycie
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    The only thing i would like to add is that it is best to do the exams on different days. Not just A+ but all exams. You will perform better if you take them seperately.
    Just my 2 pence worth :tongue
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