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    Book Review: Windows 7 Plain & Simple

    Author: Jerry Joyce and Marianne Moon
    Format: Printed
    Paperback: 400 pages
    Publisher: MICROSOFT PRESS; 1 edition (16 Sep 2009)
    Language English
    ISBN-10: 0735626669
    ISBN-13: 978-0735626669
    Product Dimensions: 23.2 x 18.2 x 2.6 cm
    Date of book review: April 18, 2010
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    This book was written with the beginner/standard home or office users in mind and gently introducing Windows 7 to them. It's not a technical book (and it doesn't pretend to be one) so the reader doesn't have to have previous knowledge or experience, apart from the basic ability to turn on a PC and use a mouse/keyboard. The book has clear instructions and numbered visual aids to back them up.


    This book has 16 chapters, well really 15 chapters aimed at using Windows 7, as the first chapter is more of an introduction to the book itself. Covering subjects from playing the built in games to joining up to/working in a Homegroup (workgroup). It does mention topics like domains, DirectAccess, RAS, etc... But does not delve into them, which is a good thing considering the market this book is aimed at.


    Not only does the book cover everyday tasks that you would do with Windows 7, but also covers topics that currently aren't popularised as much as other features, such as: "Talking to your mouse" via the mouse grid and "Directing Your Computer with Voice Commands" via Windows Speech Recognition program.


    This book goes from never used Windows 7 right up to showing how to maintain security on your Windows 7 machine. And as this book is modular, you can either start at the beginning and go thru the chapters one at a time or you can jump directly to the chapter you need.

    If Microsoft decides to introduce a MCAS/MOS exam for Windows 7, like the 77-600 Windows Vista for the Business Worker, then this book will have a slightly larger audience. However since currently they do not, this book does what it says on the tin: "Windows 7, plain & simple" for the novice to standard user.

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