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Blue Screen IT Training Info?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Marc33uk, May 12, 2009.

  1. Marc33uk

    Marc33uk New Member

    Hi all.

    This is my first post and I was just after a bit of info realy.
    I am looking to get into IT.
    I have been fixing friends PC's for the past 16 years, lol, but have no qualifications in this.
    I have been in contact with Advent Training.
    They do sound good but christ, £5000!!! todo MSCE.
    What I was thinking of doing is CompTIA A+ then Network+ with a company in plymouth called Bluescreen IT.
    My questions are, do I need both these qualifications to get into a basic level IT job or could I do CompTIA A+, get a job and then carry on from there, working towards MCSE?
    My other question is, has anyone heard of this company or used them and are they any good?
    I look forward to reading some reply's
    Thanx In Advance,


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