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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Mikemgs, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. Mikemgs

    Mikemgs New Member

    Hi all,
    Hopefully you would have read my short and sweet introduction in the New Members thread. Now after reading a fair bit in all the other threads, my head is in a bit of a spin and I'm not to sure which course I should start off with.
    Basicly I have a bit of knowledge with windows operating systems, I build my own systems, repair my friends and family's computers and consider myself computer literate. I have never really played about with networking but I understand the principle and I have done my own wireless network at home with 4 pc's and a laptop with no real problems. I have never done any programming of any kind but I would like to learn python or something?.
    Now, over to you lot. :biggrin
    What do you think would be something I could take on, I would like to achieve a postion in the IT industry in the future, but for now I would just like to learn. What would the best way to do this be.
    Look forward to reading your replies, thanks guys and girls.
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  2. The_Geek

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    64 Start out with the A+ and Net+ certs. These two are the foundation for any other certification you may want to pursue in the future.

    Plus, they're good to have when trying to "get you foot in the door" somewhere.
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  3. Phoenix
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    i recommend skipping the A+ and going for the Network+ followed by some Microsoft stuff (if you want to go that route) and a CCNA to bolster your networking
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  4. michael78

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    I would personally go down the A+ and then Network+ route. I did a bit of my CCNA course and the first part is excellent it teaches you general Networking but after that it's very Cisco specific and in my opinion isn't much use unless you are wanting to use Cisco equipment or become a Cisco engineer.
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  5. Arroryn

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    The A+ and N+ are the boosters - the IT industry's lower reaches are your oyster when you've got them :)

    Slypie is quite right on the Cisco side of things - Comptia is a great platform, but then it becomes specific. Cisco is well in demand though (well, it was when I signed on the dotted line :rolleyes: )

    Take a look around - maybe look at a job search site and get a feel for the kind of thing you might want to work towards. Then you can map the Certs you want to do to suit.
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  6. Mikemgs

    Mikemgs New Member

    Thanks alot for your help. To start off with I am going to get some books and study those for a while, I fell this may give me a better start when I begin to study for an exam. I think the A+ and N+ will be a good platform to start with.
    Thanks again.
    Certifications: none yet
    WIP: A+, N+, possibly msce

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