Bit of advice with C.D.L.'s, please!

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Dix, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Dix

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    hey all,

    I'm in the midst of getting myself updated (used to work in IT, MCSE 2000, etc, then came to england and sold chickens for a year and a half. go figure. :rolleyes: ), and I'm paying for most of the courses via a CDL. (or will be, i hope..) So, the illustrious poster has knowledge and experience to help a poor old fool, venerable sirs? :hhhmmm

    A)which bank is best (fastest/most likely to say yes?) I've been told Barclays by the school
    b)I'm thinking of trying to get the exam fees as well, but the school advised me to first get the remaining 3,000 for class fees. this will apparently somehow improve my credit rating, and i can then apply for a top-up loan for the exam fees. um? :blink
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    I would have thought the Credit rating scoring is used in the same ways by most major banks. If one will lend you money so will the others. But, if you have 3K to hand then it would decrease your monthly repayments.
    As far as the training school is concerned then I don't know if you have agreed to anything but some include exam fees. It might be worth having a look around.
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  3. Dix

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    sadly, i don't have anything like enough (don't ask how much. it's embarassing. :oops: ), otherwise i'd skip the CDL altogether.. exam fees will be seperate, which i already knew. i mostly chose them for the 2 months work placement they get me (unpaid, naturally, but it's good for the old C.V.)
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  4. Baba O'Riley

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    Hi Dix,

    Barclays - Fast. Although they declined me, they replied within a week.

    Co-Op - slooooooow. I've now had to send two different applications, the first six+ weeks ago and although I phoned them and they told me the outcome (declined!) I still haven't had anything in writing so I can appeal.

    I don't know if either is more likely to give you a loan than the others but Co-Op are the only bank who will give you an account if you're bankrupt so they might be less fussy generally. If you aply to Co-Op, send EVERYTHING recorded or it will "never arrive" ie. they'll lose it, bin it, burn it etc. Trust me, it took me five months to open an account with them because things kept going missing.

    I don't know about any other provider but if you're really stuck, NITLC have thier own payment plan, and the interest isn't too bad.

    Good luck.
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