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    i have a big dilemma, this week i saw 2 companies, NITLC and the UK Training centre. NITLC is the home learning course to MCSE and the UK IT Training centre is on site training, where you spend a month on each module, 1st week of the month you have classroom training and prepare for the rest of the month before taking the exam. It Sounds good, but I have spoken to my brothers who are also in the industry and they say i should buy an A+ book and see how i get on with that and take the exam off my own back. then see about training etc.

    Obviously the classroom training is a faster track to getting certified, and they phoned me up today and i have qualified for a place, but i asked to defer my entry cos i am moving house soon, they said they coudnt hold my place for so long. I could just apply again but the guy wasnt amused. and i wondered whether i could take the A+ my self and then join after i had passed that and liked it. He said that could be possible.

    Oh the decisions!!!
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    So what if the man was unimpressed, big deal. So you qualified for a place as well, makes me wonder how many others "qualified" as well. Don't get me wrong mate, this is all aimed at the training provider. If they want your £'s then they get them when you are ready, and not before. If they are that funny about waiting then I would think twice before spending my hard earnt with them. I know I sound a bit miserly, but you fork out a lot of dosh for these things and you've gotta get it right.

    Your bothers are right that you could go down the "doing it yourself route", esp if you've got family in the industry, and there's always this place.

    Going with NITLC takes a great deal of disipline as does going it alone, making time to study. However you do get to do it at your own pace.

    Take time to think and ask around. If you want to post questions here then post away, bearing in mind we can not go into a great deal of details about different companies, but feel free to PM me if you want to (I and a number of the Mods trained with NITLC).

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    Cragd, If I were you I would take advice from your brothers. Start with something like the A+ and Network+ which count towards a MCSA and an MCSA counts towards an MCSE. This is the sensible way that way you get an A+ and Network+ certification and a MCSA and eventually an MCSE.

    Don't jump in too deep to soon with the MCSE as there is a load of work to do for it. You don't need to sign up with a training agency for an A+ or Network+ my advice is buy a good book, read it and make notes. As for the MCSE, well thats down to preference and money how you study for it. Anyway good luck with it... :D
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    "money money money money MONEY! Almighty dollar..."

    Sure the recruiter wasn't impressed. They're never impressed when they think they won't make money off you. <bleep> him if he's's your money on the line.

    Personally, I prefer in class to self study...especially for creating new skill sets. You get a lot more support, face-to-face access to a (supposedly) well educated instructor and access to lab materials. At home, you have to create your own learning environment and if you don't know what you're doing, you could miss stuff.

    The A+ and possibly the Network+ can be learned at home with self-stufy materials. For the A+, all you really need is a bunch of computers to tear into and some that you can practice the OS sections on. For the Network+, it would really help to have some computers, preferably networked through a switch. As it gets more complicated, it gets more expensive to create a lab sufficient to the task.

    Having said all that, some of these "in class" places are in business for only one get your money. I'm not saying that all schools are this way...just be careful who you sign up with. Make sure they've been around for awhile and show no signs of folding up. Talk to students and former students to see how the school really performs and if they're worth the money they charge.

    I started out by trying to teach myself the A+ material from the Mike Meyers text. Unfortunately, having no experience with working on computer hardware (at that time), I wasn't able to grasp the concepts. I signed up for a two-year course through my local college and it really made the difference. I'm at the point now where I can take on new skill sets by self study because I have the foundation in place.

    Probably gave you much more of an answer than you really required. Hope some of it helps.
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