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Better late that never...

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by Gav, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Gav

    Gav Kilobyte Poster


    I figure I owe you all a proper introductory thread. I'm Gav, I'm 15, and I'm from Wales. I've always had quite an interest in technology, and have been using computers all of my life. Since I was about two or three years old, in fact!

    We didn't have an internet connection at home until 2000-and-something (around the time when 1Mbps was the lowest speed NTL offered), so I learnt the ins and outs of Windows by fiddling and fiddling. I also used to have a subscription to PC Knowhow, which quickly filled my hard drive with lots of shareware! I have relations in the IT business who always bring home 'old' computers, and as a result my bedroom always has a stack of computers in the corner.

    Anyway, cycle forward to the future, and my 'certification journey'. I'm getting certifications at the moment, partially because I can, partially to prove to others what I can do (trying to get anyone to take you seriously at 15 is a tall order), and partially for my future career (and hopefully so that I don't have to work in McDonalds to put me through Uni!).

    The certifications I'm doing are all ones that I know quite a bit about already, because I don't want to learn purely for exams, without any real world knowledge (and on top of that GCSEs + a Social Life take up time!).

    I've done A+, and am currently doing Network+ and MCTS: Vista. In the future, I plan on doing MCDST, CIW Master Administrator (looking forward to this one), and either Linux+ or LPIC as well as possibly ACSP (Apple). I think this would give me a really strong foundation to build on in the future, and hopefully it's not overambitious!

    So there we are, that's me. Consider yourselves lucky as I've never actually written one of these before :biggrin

    - Gav
  2. Ence

    Ence Kilobyte Poster

    Sound like you got your head screwed on right maybe wow 15, Can't remember what I was doing at 15 years old.
    how are you finding the Network+ ?

    welcome to CF Gav
  3. Evilwheato

    Evilwheato Kilobyte Poster

    Welcome to the forum :)
    Just wondering why are you doing the MCTS:Vista before the MCDST? I still think there will be a larger amount of supported needed for XP than there ever will be for Vista, and you can always upgrade when you want to :)
  4. wagnerk
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator

    A belated "Hi & welcome to CF" :)

    It sounds like you've got a good plan ahead.

    Certifications: CITP, PGDip, BSc, HNC, LCGI, PTLLS, MCT, MCITP, MCTS, MCSE, MCSA:M, MCSA, MCDST, MCP, MTA, MCAS, MOS (Master), A+, N+, S+, ACA, VCA, etc... & 2nd Degree Black Belt
    WIP: MSc in Tech Management
  5. Gav

    Gav Kilobyte Poster

    MCTS comes under the Dreamspark program, so I can get a free exam voucher (thanks Bill!) :biggrin
  6. Notes_Bloke

    Notes_Bloke Terabyte Poster

    Hi Gav & welcome to CF:D

    Sounds like you have got a good plan for the future - good luck.

    Certifications: 70-210, 70-215, A+,N+, Security+
  7. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    Certifications: A+, N+, MCDST, Security+, 70-270
    WIP: 70-620 or 70-680?
  8. nugget
    Honorary Member

    nugget Junior toady

    Hi and welcome to the forum. :biggrin
    Certifications: A+ | Network+ | Security+ | MCP (270,271,272,290,620) | MCDST | MCTS:Vista
    WIP: MCSA, 70-622,680,685
  9. Qs

    Qs Semi-Honorary Member Gold Member

    Hello and welcome to the forums! :) Someone that's younger than me eh? Starting to get worried now :p

    Certifications: MCT, MCSE: Private Cloud, MCSA (2008), MCITP: EA, MCITP: SA, MCSE: 2003, MCSA: 2003, MCITP: EDA7, MCITP: EDST7, MCITP: EST Vista, MCTS: Exh 2010, MCTS:ServerVirt, MCTS: SCCM07 & SCCM2012, MCTS: SCOM07, MCTS: Win7Conf, MCTS: VistaConf, MCDST, MCP, MBCS, HND: Applied IT, ITIL v3: Foundation, CCA

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