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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by zcapr17, May 12, 2004.

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    One of the companies I provide IT consultancy for is upgrading from NT4 to 2003. Having never really considered certification before, it would seem a good opportunity to get an MCSE in 2003 and the all-important practical experience to go with it.

    I've had a look at (and quite like) the NITLC course, which includes the A+, Network+, and CCNA also. However I can't justify paying £3-4k when the cost of the underlying exams is only ~£1300 so I am seriously thinking of studying myself. Can anyone advise me of the who, how, where, & when's of booking and sitting exams.

    So far I have found Thomson Prometric who seem to charge £88 + Vat for MS exams. Anyone had experience with this company or can offer better alternatives?

    Also, if anyone has some general advice about self-study or can point out some good on-line resources that would be great.



    PS - Great site BTW.
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    Hi there Dave.

    Can fully understand your point regarding the course fees, esp as your already in the industry. I did my course with NITLC and they used VUE for exams and I believe that they are £88 + VAT (I'm sure someone will correct me if thats wrong).

    As to study material, there's loads out there, I used the MS Training kit. Try Here for prices or use the e-shop link above.

    You will obviously gete different opinions on training material so hang around others will arrive.

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    I use a company called to book my exams for CompTIA exams. For example I used them to buy vouchers to use at any VUE centre for my A+. The exams are usually £100 each but I got them for £60 each took the exams and passed. You have to buy the vouchers in US Dollars but most credit cards only charge you a very small fee to purchase in another currency (Check with your bank). Also if you use a credit card and owt goes wrong your usually covered for fraud (but I've used them with no problems). I would fully recommend them to save you some serious money for CIW & CompTIA exams (Only wished they did Microsoft exams as well).

    Hope this helps... :D
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    I can't directly respond to your question zcapr17 since I'm in the US but I thought I'd say "Welcome" to CertForums. Glad you found our little corner of cyberspace. Hope you like it here and decide to regularly contribute. If you're interested in Windows Server 2003, a few of us dabble in posting QOTDs in 70-290 and 70-294 so you may be interested in trying out your skills. Pheonix and Phil are our local Active Directory champions so far. I'm learning a lot from them.

    BTW, who's the cartoon guy in your av?
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    the majority if IT certs are administered by both Thompson and Vue
    and the prices are SET, they do not generally change on a center by center bases, as you usually pay Thompson or VUE direct not the center running the test

    sometimes you get lucky with deals and vouchers as mentioned
    but if you were told about 88 plus vat, it will be that across the board, and a similar price across the entire world (i have sat exams in both the UK and US)

    as for books, the depth of knowledge needed really defines that, i've used microsoft products for years, but the format of the MS exams leads me to always require some in depth reading, and although i ALWAYS recommend ExamCrams (they have helped me since my NT4 days) i do advise something more substantial to go along with them :)
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