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Before my time...(cd rom issue)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by shaggy, May 21, 2007.

  1. shaggy

    shaggy Byte Poster

    Evening everyone

    yet another problem, was recieving the 'Device not ready' error on a Windows98 machine when trying to open a CD rom, doesnt read and CD's yet is found fine in device manager with no errors and recognised in the BIOS and boot up correctly

    customer just wanted it replacing so didnt argue

    being a young wippersnapper myself ive never had to install a drive into an ancient 98 machine

    did a bit of research on google and found that i need to do something with loading the ATAPI drivers? probably found on the 98 disc? which the customer does not have

    so ermm is this correct?
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  2. noelg24

    noelg24 Terabyte Poster


    hmmm its been ages since i looked at a Win98 machine...but the main thing about it is that if ever you did install something new (and im sure hardware is included in this, when it comes to Plug N Play) it will ask for the Win 98 disc...if the customer doesnt have one...well they are pretty much stumped...however try it without the disc...if it works then fine...but what you can do is get the drivers for the CD drive (and if its a retail one u get they come with CDs anyway)...but if it asks for a Win98 CD then God knows...otherwise the drivers should be on the machine if the computer identifies the current drive in Device Manager and in the BIOS...

    But let us know how you get on :biggrin
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  3. hbroomhall

    hbroomhall Petabyte Poster Gold Member

    First thing to do is to boot into DOS using a Win98SE boot disk, and see if you can access the CDROM from that. If you can't then it is a fair bet that the drive is either incorrectly installed or it is faulty.

    You don't need to install ATAPI drivers for a CDROM, as they are part of Win98, unless this is a *very* unusual drive.

    There are some Registry issues that can stop a CD drive working, but are fairly rare. Have a look in Device Manager to see if any entries have a mark against them to indicate problems loading drivers.

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  4. shaggy

    shaggy Byte Poster

    Device Manager showed no errors anywhere so there wasnt an issue there, the drive just wasnt spinning up in any attempt to read the CD but i checked all the cable connections and tested them for sufficient power and it all checked out

    so hopefully the installation goes fine

    Thanks guys
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  5. elli5on

    elli5on Kilobyte Poster

    You say the customer just wanted it replacing??? Is this what you have done?? And if so, is the new drive working ok??
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  6. drum_dude

    drum_dude Gigabyte Poster

    98 should find and install the drivers (generic) for CD-Rom drives. Device not ready means that either the drive is fooked or there is an issue with the pins. The device manager will just indicate that the plug 'n' play side is working and it has recognised the drive!
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  7. shaggy

    shaggy Byte Poster

    Thanks everyone

    turns out it installed fine and i didnt need any drivers, thank god
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