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Discussion in 'Gamers Hangout' started by JK2447, May 27, 2018.

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    I love Battelfield One so can't wait for this. While I was googling the game I came across an article where people are kicking off about there being women in the game! I think it's great the game is made to appeal to all personally. You can read more here
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    Not really looked into it, didnt enjoy BF1.. BF4 is my favourite BF game it was just full of bugs. I remember my campaign progress reseting three times.. not sure if that ever got fixed. I went on BF4 about two years ago and the servers were empty (xb1).
  3. SimonD
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    I uninstalled BF1, still playing Siege of Shanghai tho, love that map.

    Chances are that I won't actually buy BF5 as I really do prefer the modern weapons.
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    Totally agree mate, I often think there is not enough female violence in video games, y know to make it more like real life...
  5. zxspectrum

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    Yeah, im in hte bf1 fan club as well, they have so much more to offer than call of duty. The maps are brilliant, my favourite is Tsarytsin with amiens and ballroom blitz fighting for second place. I love the detail, the gameplay, the constant improving of the game, so I will be getting BFV, The deluxe version is 63.99 after a 10% discount through EA access.

    I have been lucky with Battlefield, I got 4 and hardline for free, including all those maps as well which I why I didnt mind paying for the full version of BF1 and the same for BFV.

    You dont get this with COD, they are just happy to take your money and still not sort out the quick scope no scope glitch.

    Also BFV will look awesome on the $k tv I have
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