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backup ish

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by zxspectrum, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. zxspectrum

    zxspectrum Gigabyte Poster Premium Member

    Ok , i have 2 old mp3 players just lying around, both have a 1 gig capacity, and if my memory serves me right, i can format them both to 2 gig a piece.

    I also know tyhat ive never created a backup disk so i wan wondering, would i be able to use these as backups. Last time i looked about backing up i think i needed over a gig of extra storage, as i wanted everything saved . would i be able to do this?? And say if i got a new computer, would a back up put my old files on intact or would it just be a back up etc, i know it sounds stupid, but you dont get anything if you dont ask . :oops:
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