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Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Fergal1982, Oct 27, 2004.

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    argh i have no idea what to go for now! grrrr. ive been looking at mcafee av v8 pro and mcafee firewall v8. boosted on by the fact that av was in pcpro's alist. but now they have norton internet security 2005 in the alist spot.

    ive used norton for several years now, and never had a major problem with their stuff. but people have told me that mcafee is better. but i dont know whether to stick with norton or switch to mcafee. and i also dont know about v8 since v9 is out now.


    any advice people?

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    Fergal, I've used both but a long time ago. Lately I've read reports that McAfee is better than Norton at finding and protecting from viruses but not as good at removing them when you have them. Both of them seem to be among the slowest to react and update the virus definitions too. As far as their firewalls go, well, I won't have them on my pc's at all. I prefer Agnitum Outpost Pro (now v2.5) or if not that, then Sygate Pro. I also hear a lot of reports that Zone Alarm free ed. is also good value for the money :D.

    As with everything, taste is individual.

    One last thing, AVG free is 'basic' but good but AVG 7 is 'better' as well a professional version should be.
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