[Article] Three ways to breathe new life into old computers

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tripwire45, Oct 18, 2003.

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    This is an article written by Greg Shultz for TechRepublic. It's another in the series of articles I'm posting on "The basic PC". My philosophy in posting such articles is to create a foundational knowledge base that beginning techs can build on. We all tend to want to know the "fancy stuff" because it's "neat" but won't get very far in the real world if we don't know the basics first. Enjoy:

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    Thanks Trip, good article. :D
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    Ditto :stpd There's also some really interesting follow-up debate on that article - enlightening stuff.

    For example, is it good practice to over-clock a business PC (regardless of how petty a task it may be in use for) ?

    And the balance of costs between adding new RAM and a bigger HDD against the purchase price of a new P4 box, for something thats going to be used for, say, having Primary 1 kids practice letters and numbers ?

    Great article, Trip - glad you brought it to us :thumbleft
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