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  1. Jaron78

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    Hi Guys,

    So working through ICND 2 at the moment..but having a day off to plan whats next.
    Im thinking of doing Linux+!! I wanted to start this in 2016 but got distracted by the CCNA through work.

    So, once Ive got the ICND 2 done (Hopefully in the next couple of months) I will be starting the Linux+. One of the guys at work has suggested looking at Arch Linux which from what I have seen, is pretty damn cool. Is this something I can use as a Study material for Linux+ or should I be looking at a more general distro like Ubuntu?

  2. sheepluv

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    Not sure what study material is out for the new Comptia Linux+ cert they have brought out. Objectives are here -

    In regards Arch I think its similar to Slackware in that you learn a ton of useful stuff setting it all up, definately wont hurt :) But industry will more likely respect Centos/RH, Ubuntu type distros (just switch to those later on). Even Linux from scratch if you feel like.

    Other certs -
    There is a course on cisco academy for LPIC ( it should be due an update soon to the newer objectives.
    I know that certs like the Linux Foundations have distro specific (you can pick Ubuntu or Centos), and obviously Redhat cert is specific
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  3. Pseudonym

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    I would highly advise doing the LPI-1 over linux+.

    You're probably best just using Ubuntu/CentOS. (Both)
  4. sheepluv

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    It depends on how deep you want to jump in. You learn some useful underlying fundamentals when going the long way. However its the quickest route to go with the mainstreams versions..
    From what I can see the LPIC is more theoretical on how things work (good!) compared to things like the Linux Foundations LFCS certs (more task based, maybe one for later on)... RHCSA looks good, but expensive?

    agreed to do LPIC, I have the most respect for LPI and the way they explain their objectives, been around a long time. v5 objectives (updated last year).. there is a summary of changes from v4 to v5 there too..

    Only seen the full course fo v5 on good site from what I read around.
    I have never taken a Comptia cert, but they did have an alliance with LPIC so the old Linux+ was realy just a LPIC course and you got the 2 certs. This does NOT apply anymore and the new Linux+ is nothing to do with LPIC
    Certifications: CCNA | HND | 70-646

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