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    Do you keep it on or turn it off?

    I’ve got an iPhone 8 and an iPad 10.5 Pro. I don’t mess with the settings usually but when my Neice asked me to put the WiFi code into her iPhone 6 l, I noticed that her screen was much whiter than my 8. As I was in settings I checked her display settings and realised her True Tone was off. Long story short. Now turned it off on my 8 and iPP and I’m much happier with it. Cooler whiter brighter colour that makes TT on look yellow. What about you? Will be turning it off on the wife’s iPhone X tomorrow
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    Only supported on iPhone 8 and above? Assume there was no setting on the iPhone 6?

    I keep most things default on my iPhone but do like the night shift settings to control the brightness.
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