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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by cragd, May 25, 2004.

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    I have looked at this company and am going for an interview this week, has anyone heard of them, and are they any good?

    They say their courses such as A+, and N+ are 3, 5 days?!! can this be true?
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    Can't say that I have heard of them Craig but there are a lot of training providers out there all as good or as bad as each other.

    This will be their own inhouse course. I'll bet you have to study the book first and then go on their course.

    My advice, look around the boards, pick up some good advice there, post a few times to get it into your own mind and look around. You may decide if you are fairly pc proficient to go it alone and just but the books. Remember you don't have to go with the first training provider who comes along. A bit of research will go along way before you start parting with your hard earnt (or in my case borrowed) :eek:
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    hmmmmm, UKITTraining... i started their Fast track MCSE last year, ECDL was a breeze and A+ fine. Upon finishing each of the exams you book your place on the next one. For N+ i booked myself onto the course only to be phoned later to be told there had been a mistake and i would have to wait a month to join the next course.

    Ok, these things happen, we're all human.

    When I finished N+ they screwed up again, cost me another 6 weeks.

    Due to a new job I now have no chance to finish MCSA with them :( .

    In the contract you sign, you agree that there can be up to a six week wait between courses.

    After bringing this to the attention of their course director i was politely told that the only thing they could do would be to give me another 4 weeks to finish the whole course.

    A+ is a 5 day course, the first 2 concentrate on hardware and the next 3 operating systems.

    N+ is 5 days too. The classroom sessions are good, but be prepared to do a lot of extra revision (depending on your experience) as the lessons and study guide they supply just scratch the surface

    Also, make sure you can get the time off work to take the courses when they are available or you won't have time to finish.

    I know of at least one other person who has experienced problems but also one person who has passed the MCSA part. All in all, the complete MCSE with them will set you back about £7000.

    I hoped that has helped. If you have any other questions let me know.
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    I have the same experience, and I am looking to write to the Course Director to inform them that the time between the courses in not allowing me a fair chance to complete the courses. At the moment I am waiting between 6-8 weeks with just 1 teacher available to run the courses between ADO.NET to MCSD which means we lose out when he is going on holiday. What happens if he falls ill?

    I would be grateful if you could tell me the name of the Course Director I should send me letter to.

    Thank you.
  5. simongrahamuk
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    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    Hi prichardson, welcome to CF! :biggrin

    You might find that you don't get much a response in this thread as it was started in 2004. Why not start your own thread with your own questions.

    Oh, and when you've time pop by the New Members Introduction forum and say hi! :biggrin
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    Hi and welcome aboard. "do" a search in our training forum and see what comes up. I would think what you expect from your provider and see if they can accomodate you.
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  7. NickyYates

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    The following letter appeared in the Guardian - Saturday 15th July 2006...

    I signed up in June 2005 with UK IT Training of Tolworth, Surrey for a £5,800 Microsoft certified systems engineer course. It promised "guaranteed employment and salary". One year on, I am no nearer getting a qualification, or a job. Can you help?
    JM, London

    UK IT Training gave you a brief 30-minute interview and a simple aptitude test before accepting you on the course, financed via a Cooperative Bank career development loan.

    The £5,800 fee is as pricey as many postgraduate courses with hours of tutor contact at top universities. But all you have received is a 900-page book and around a week of classroom tuition. And you discovered later you would need £1,300 more for exam fees - included in university courses.

    The UK IT course is effectively "self-led" - you work at your own pace and book tuition when you can. You are 47. Your work history is patchy, so it should have been obvious you would have problems with the "self-led" idea.

    UK IT boss Allen Richard Jackson (also running companies training inspectors for the home information pack scheme), promised Capital Letters to offer you some formal help so that you get some value for your money. But, so far, it has not happened.,,1820401,00.html (it's the last question at the bottom of the page - just scroll down).​

    They have been doing this for at least six years - and no-one will do anything about it. They have a contract that you'd have to be a barrister to understand - and it appears that they have you stitched up (this is after they get your money, of course). My own view is that if you took the matter to a small claims court - you would win hands down.

    For example, they have been running the "Urgently Needed" ads in all recruitment papers for six years. This includes 2003-2004 when the industry was in its deepest ever recession. They, like Joskos, continued to guarantee jobs with a minimum salary of £20,000 because they were damned sure you would never get to the point of being in a position to invoke the guarantee. There are a couple of easy and, apparently, non-controversial things that will get rid of 80% of candidates - for example, the requirement that you pass exams before progressing. Include an ECDL course - absolutely useless as a foundation for courses like their web-developer - but its real "value" is that it will take up three of your twelve months. Even a seasoned insider couldn't just turn up and wing it on these exams.

    Ask them how many people they have found jobs for. Ask them if they can name companies that are members of the mysterious "association" who guarantee to employ their students. Obviously, there are matters of confidentiality here - but this does not preclude them giving this information to the court. Write them a letter stating that unless they refund your money - you will ask them these questions in court and inform them that you require them to bring substantiating evidence to the court. Ask them why they went into "solvent members voluntary liquidation" weeks after paying their managing director £1.5 million. Why did they change the name of the company days before putting it into liquidation (to Calt Ltd.) and start another company with the name UK IT Training Ltd. days after the liquidation? (all of this information is in the public domain on - click on "web check" in the bottom right and query on the name of the company but with the "Previous Name" option checked).

    If you ask these questions, I am sure they will bottle out. Do you want your money back? Just ask. However, the most important thing you can do is get several students to back you up. You could get 10 students and deal with it as one case. They will lose, and they will lose big-time. You have nothing to lose - they are never going to find you a job anyway. No one will do this for you - you have to do it yourself.

    Good luck.


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