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Another thread about Apprenta

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by LV, May 3, 2006.

  1. LV

    LV New Member

    Hi there,

    As most of you are probably aware the name "Apprenta" rings alarm bells, from what I've read here with over priced, delayed training with no real job guarantee at the end of it.

    I've had an interview with Apprenta and have had a different experience to the things some other people are saying here.

    What they have told me is that in order to start training I have to hand over £1500 in the short term and a further £4500 on full time employment, for the first year with Aprrenta themselves.

    They also said that they would subsidise £10000. This part I am spurious about for obvious reasons. They say they are hosting either web classrooms or real classrooms of around 8. The classes consist of teachers and 2-3 assistants, but still they must be offering a pretty comprehensive wage to them if they are genuine about this figure.

    I am willing however to accept that they may be embellishing in this figure to impress people. They wouldn't be the only company guilty of such a sales tactic. My main concern is with training and employment. For £6000 outlay in my current situation I see it to be a good investment if genuine.

    I was just going to fork over money to them, thankfully I read this forum first. However, I am not willing to disregard a scheme with such potential for me personally based upon hypothetical talk of some essentially anonymous people on the internet. So my plan before forking over any money and signing anywhere would be as follows:

    1. To talk to graduated students of theirs.
    2. To talk to current students and maybe witness the format of the lessons.
    3. To examine the contract, maybe even to have it looked at by a solicitor.
    4. To enter their "Work Right Now" scheme from a trust point of view.

    The point with number 4 is to test their reputation as a business. They say that they have industry ties and that they can get me (albiet monkey jobs) part time around the course so that I can actually afford to live.

    I must also say that despite what some other people have said, in the interviews Apprenta said anything but this being about an easy way into IT. They told me they expected hard work from people from a technical background (myself a failed physics degree which is why I am unemployable), that the qualifications will need constant revision and updating and so the emphasis upon completion of training is very much on the individual to keep themselves employable. They said that they reward hard work in terms of keeping high potential students for themselves, the other plus point of being the trainer is being able to "skim the milk" so to speak.

    In summary, I feel that there are some dodgy points about the scheme, but also some genuine offers such as the "work right now" scheme. What I ask for you is to look at my plan and see if it is robust.

    Anyway thanks, sorry if this thread is a bit long / slightly jumbled.

  2. wizard

    wizard Petabyte Poster

    Do not trust "work right now" schemes, I believe they are just a ruse to get you to sign up. They may appear genuine, I don't think so. Why not go the self teaching route and get books and cheap equipment off ebay if you are planning on doing any cisco related courses?

    Why does everyone think they have to spend thousands on certification courses when most of them can be done by buying the books yourself and then if you are stuck ask questions on here.
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  3. coodude2006

    coodude2006 New Member

    what you said is wright i went for an interveiw and they said the same i am getting apprenta and ics london cheked out by a solicitor. if i can get details off then it dont look like they want to give that information to me so if you find out any more please let me know thanks

    Honorary Member

    UCHEEKYMONKEY R.I.P - gone but never forgotten. Gold Member

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  5. Grakna

    Grakna New Member

    Hello LV,

    Sadly I signed up with Apprenta before I found this site. I am due to start learning with them on Monday (21/5/2006) via an online, part time course.

    I received my books and materials in the post on Thursday and I look all set to go.

    There are several things that I personally have found a little worrying. Firstly they are extremely poor at responding to communications of any kind. Secondly I was told by the salesman that EVERYTHING was included in the fees I'm paying. Now I find we have to fork out for the exams ourselves.

    Obviously I'm a little concerned about what other hidden costs are going to appear and the speed at which the training will progress.

    Will keep you posted.
  6. bloomfieldliam

    bloomfieldliam Bit Poster

    I managed to get out of Apprenta, PM me to find out how.

    Certifications: A+, MCP XP, MA in IT, ECDL
  7. daverave

    daverave New Member

    Well I applied to apprenta think it was a good deal, but before I handed my money over to them. I done some research in to them and found this forum. Thanks guys you have save me some money. Nick from apprenta called me and asked why I havent register yet and I have a time limit to do so. I said I changed my mind and I had a better offer to do a ccna and do a techy job for the NHS. He then try and sell me the deal again saying that I can earn alot more doing .net work and the most that i can earn doing networking is 25k. he pass me on to his "boss"(his words, I would thought the word manager is more professional) who then tried the same thing.

    To be honest I think apprenta is a scam and is making muggs out of people that want to brake in to an industry that is already hard to do. Its like selling fat people that magic diet pill that will make you slim in 2 weeks. It just sounds to good!!

    beware people, think and read all the forums content before you act on it.
  8. zimbo
    Honorary Member

    zimbo Petabyte Poster

    Hi dave... you might want to pop into the new members forum and say hi so gang can meet you!

    oh and give this a read...
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  9. H.M.A

    H.M.A New Member

    Hi there i' am new to this site and i also signed up to Apprenta how can i get out of it?
  10. wizard

    wizard Petabyte Poster

    How many days ago did you sign up?
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