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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by M!cook, Nov 2, 2005.

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  1. G1BB0

    G1BB0 Nibble Poster

    its exactly the same to access buy/sell forums on overclockers, 250 posts before access granted

    prevents rip off merchants etc
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  2. FurioD

    FurioD New Member


    Ye Right-O u noob i am not a **** that posts 1 thing and never comes back so keep that comment to urs self.

    Tell you what, for u to come out with somethin like that is pretty selfish after reading about what i posted.

    All i am trying to do is find out if im being taken for a ride by this Skills Train.

    Got any info, hit me back.

    Later :x
  3. Baba O'Riley

    Baba O'Riley Gigabyte Poster

    To be fair mate, you did post in the middle of thread notourious for being spammed by one-post wonders who are probably being paid by training provider competitors with no introduction or explanation and then disappeared again just as quickly. If you want to stick around, why not post an intro in the new members forum?
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  4. Arroryn
    Honorary Member

    Arroryn we're all dooooooomed

    Constructively then, yes, it is a lot of money to throw - so you need to think if you are able to self study, which is a cheaper option. If you can confidently do this, then go that route.

    As a company, I am with Skillstrain to do A+, N+, CCNA and CCNP. I happily passed my A+, and am nearing the end of the N+. Any problems I had with them were ironed out quickly, so I would, if you can afford it, recommend them.

    And as an addendum, they are one of the cheaper providers out there, if you shop around (if you can stand that many salespeople coming to your door!)
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  5. Wozza in Kent

    Wozza in Kent New Member

    Hi guys, I've got a guy comming to see me from Skill Train tomorrow (Wednesday). I'm interested in Web Design.
    When I was contacted by phone to make the appointment they mentioned Earn & Train. Anyone done this? If so any idea what sort of fees I'm looking at?
  6. igorina1980

    igorina1980 New Member

    Hi. sorry if this has already been said but Skillstrain and Scheidegger are one and the same or at least in it together. I just enrolled on the Skillstrain IAB Complete Accounts Professional course. The initial pack I got containing my first course chapter etc says on the folder "In Association With Scheidegger".
  7. samdonnan

    samdonnan New Member

    Hi All,

    Jus joined this forum, on thurs the 6th december a skillstarin course adviser visited me, explained all the courses was very helpful to me and helped me decide from what experience and I.T level i am at, which course to choose.

    I chose the Comptia A+, Comptia N+ and MCSE package all for £3700 all in with a £100 deposit and A monthly payment of £100 over 36 months. He told me that i should have completed my Comptia A+ course by Feb/March 2008 and will be qualified to work somewhere like PC World for eg until i complete the other 2 parts of my course.

    I feel i have done right as since i left school 7 years ago i have had 12 different jobs in which i did not like and only recently i have had an interest in computers.

    I signed up to this course because a friend of mine has done his Comtia A+ and recieved his certificate and is now recieved a useful Qualification.

    My Opinion is, if you want to do something with SkillsTrain then go for it. but only if you are sure you are going to follow through the way they say or its useless to you and you WILL drop out.

    Thanks for listening!
  8. Robertahilljr

    Robertahilljr New Member

    Hello, I'm sorry for intruding on this forum, I would like to find out in a straight answer what people think of Skillstrain in genral please.

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  9. gurusapprentice

    gurusapprentice Nibble Poster

    Hi I am not an IT Newbie I did however fall into the trap of thinking that they were a reputable organisation that were offering distance learning at an affordable rate. However months before the watchdog program I had had my doubts as to the validty of the coursework compared to what I was seeing elsewhere. I complained to both skillstrain and CDF and was sent back and forward both saying speak to the other etc. I have on several occasions explained to both parties I was misold my course as I had asked specifically for vendor i.e ( microsoft, cisco, comptia etc) approved courses and had specifically asked wether they were certified approved vendors before signing the aggreement, I was assured that they were by the salesman/representative. After months down the line I am now being threatened by further action by CDF as I have stopped paying the fees and told them I was misold the course and will be paying no further fees to them and have advised them to pursue skillstrain for the rest of their money. The important factor being section 2 of the credit agreement i.e goods not to standard etc. To end by clarifying I had been on their course for over 12 months doing "their" assignments with no exam in site yet with a reputable training establishment took several exams after Just a few weeks so anyone telling me they are a reputable company must also believe pigs can fly and the moon is blue and filled with cream cheese!!
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  10. AJ

    AJ 01000001 01100100 01101101 01101001 01101110 Administrator

    I have approved the above post, but as the previous post is nearly 12 months old, I do feel that it has served its' time.

    thread closed
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