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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tripwire45, Feb 5, 2004.

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    I got an automated call from Dell the other day about the laptop I'd sent in for repair. It gave me the tracking number for the Airborne shipment so I could track it. Fine. Then I remembered that I'd recently gotten a letter from Dell to my old address. I went on and corrected it but it was too late. I found out today that it had been delivered to the old address two days ago.

    I called Airborne and they said the only thing I could do is call Dell and have them issue a different order correcting the address. Then Airborne could go get the laptop and deliver it to my current address.

    I called my old next door neighbor to see if he could just go get it for me. The new people in our old house delivered it to them yesterday so they could get it to me. I zipped right up and got it.

    I've been trying it out. So far it seems ok except for a couple of things. Before I shipped it off, among all its problems, the video card and the on board NIC were not working. The NIC just said that the drivers were missing or corrupted and the video card said it wasn't working (code 10) whatever that means.

    I put the HDD and the battery back in and fired it up and the same two problems were still there. No worries, I got the drivers disk and reinstalled the drivers for both devices. That fixed the on board NIC but not my NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go (Dell Mobile). I tried the troubleshooter but it was absolutely no help. I can still use the computer but I only have one resolution setting. When I right click on the desktop to get to my display settings, the only thing that comes up is a display properties box and I can only adjust my theme settings. The resolution settings don't even exist.

    I reinstalled the drivers and tried to find newer ones but no go. I'd really hate to think the video card is bad because I don't want to have to ship it to Dell again. Help. :eek:
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