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Advice: Which path and exams to take next?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by littlegreen, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. littlegreen

    littlegreen New Member

    Hey all,

    I have been back and forth and cannot decide where I want to go next with my studies and exams, so what better place to seek some advice. Here is where i am at:

    I currently have Network+, MCDST and about to sit the Apple ACSP, I have been using/tweaking and breaking win/linux computers since I was young so most of the exams were fairly straight forward, it was more filling in certain gaps.

    I originally didn't want a career in I.T for many years so I was bumming around doing random retail and customer service jobs but i finally smacked myself round the head last year and started taking some exams as it is something that I really enjoy.

    I am at the place where I'm currently looking and interviewing for my first I.T job, I tried unsuccessfully last year when I moved to London but there was not much around due to the circumstances at the time and I only had a small window to find a job. I took a internal position where I currently work but I do not have the passion or motivation for it anymore, I really want to get into I.T properly.

    I really love Mac's and Linux based systems however obviously there are not that many jobs around and linux is more self study than lots of exams like windows servers, I do not mind Windows but it is not my preferred system, but it would be easier for me to study for the exams due to previous knowledge.

    So I guess the point of this growing thread (eek :]) do I next go for windows server exams which have quite a good roadmap from one to the next and what seems to be lots of jobs around, or try and self study some Linux services and take the Mac server exams and hope to be a big fish in a small pond?

    hope this all made sense and you are all still awake :) thanks for any help or advice
  2. kevicho

    kevicho Gigabyte Poster

    You probably wont help your chances of finding employment by becoming certified in technologies you have no commercial experience in (the reasons why have been debated to death on this forum), thats not to say you shouldnt broaden your knowledge by revising and practiocing the material.

    Personally I would upgrade the MSDT to enterprise support tech (or the WIndows 7 equivalent one basically) as this will show a well rounded knowledge to employers, especially ones thinking of upgrading or actually using the new Windows OS.

    You might also consider your current Job hunting approach, tweaking the CV, making your CV more customised for each role, doing a bit of networking basically working outside the box to find that first proper role.

    Good luck
    Certifications: A+, Net+, MCSA Server 2003, 2008, Windows XP & 7 , ITIL V3 Foundation
    WIP: CCNA Renewal

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