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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by rodeo, Mar 29, 2004.

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    If you check his stats you'll see that Rodeo was last on 5th April 2004!


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    *Avoid Joskos like the plague*

    I really regretted joining them when there are so many other IT training companies on the market. Here's a few reasons why:

    (1) Infrequency of courses: If you ask them, they will happily say all courses occur approximately once every month. I'm on the second course now and I've had to wait 2 months for it on two occasions. This is very worrrying, as the earlier courses should be more frequent since there are more people taking them. I dread to think how infrequent the later courses are going to be.

    (2) Courses are overbooked. This is coupled with the infrequency of courses. Evidence: If you are late by even a minute on the first day of any course, your place will be given to someone else. Why is it like this? Because Joskos are too stingy to make courses more frequent and as a result there's a long queue of people waiting to sit courses. You can resit courses if you fail, but you get second priotity behind first-time takers. Since courses are already oversubscribed, you're not going to get on second time round. Good luck trying to get a place.

    (3) Cost: At over 4,000 pounds at this time, excluding the cost of exams or any other materials, Joskos is one of the most expensive training companies. I paid this in the belief I was going to get a great company to study with; how mistaken I was. Go for something cheaper, chances are its better than Joskos anyway.

    (4) Lies, lies, lies: Apart from lying about the infrequency of courses, I was also told another glaring lie whilst I was touring the place deciding whether to join. I asked whether work experience was paid - they said yes, at full wages. I asked this around 3 different times, phrasing the question differently every time. Each time they said yes. This is a LIE. Work experience is *unpaid*. You need to do 3 months work experience before you qualify for the Joskos job guarantee. That's 3 months unpaid work (most likely working for Joskos's side businesses). Do not believe anything they say unless its written on paper. Ask to read all the details before signing.

    (5) Rudeness: They are very polite and friendly to you before you join; after you join and hand over your money, they treat you as third class citizens. I'm talking about the front-end of Joskos here, the people who try and recruit you. If you have a complaint, they won't hear a word of it. I raised complaints once and their secretary Angel spoke back really harshly and accused me of things in return. Yes, Angel was the one who also lied in point (4) above, but she does so with the knowledge and backing of the management.

    (6) Poor training and practice room: The main training room is good. The second training room is cramped and not designed for teaching - you have to stretch your neck round the corner if you have a bad seat. Basically, the practice room is full of Pentium 300s that barely load up the pdf files of test questions. They obviously cut costs wherever they can.

    (7) Dropout rate: Very high. There are many people who pay the 4K, take the first course, and are never seen again. Joskos make an huge amount of money from them. They don't encourage them to continue like an honest company would. Rather, they are glad to see the back of them once they have the money. I would like to see them try to return more to their customers.

    Just about the only thing good about Joskos is that their teachers are reasonably good, without being exceptional. Too bad about the infrequency of courses.

    If anyone has complaints about other IT training companies, please list them; I regret that dishonest companies make so much money and I would prefer the quality training companies to do well. I hope others think the same.

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