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Advice on what certs to start for Web Design.

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by AuRoR, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. AuRoR

    AuRoR Bit Poster

    Hi, my name is Gareth and I have just registered. I'm 21 yrs old and have always been interested in computers. I got above C in all my GCSE's and I studied a GNVQ in I.C.T but due to being more interested in girls & rugby I only passed 3/6 units on that course but it's better than nothing I suppose. I achieved AS levels at college in Psychology / I.C.T and Law also. I have let myself go for a couple of years but I am really determined now to reach my potential.
    I'm considering starting a foundation degree in computing. It is 2 years full time or 3 years part time and then you do a year at Bristol university and it then becomes an honours degree. This is the only course that my local college does that is worthwhile to me and I would really prefer to do a course in a specific area such as web design / networking. Does anyone have any experience with this certificate and is it sufficent for a job in I.T? I think it might be a bit too general as it covers many different aspects but I could be wrong. Can anyone suggest any other courses that would be a possible route for me?
    I don't have any money to spend on courses. I did once have a salesman come to my house who convinced me to start the CIW course so I paid a £60 deposit and got the first textbook CD-Roms etc. I couldnt afford the loan so I didn't do it but it looked very intersting. I have considered starting it again but hav read threads on here where people are saying that it isn't really that recognised in the industry and they have switched certs. Is this true? What is industry standard? I think I would like to do web design or networking but I am really a blank slate and have researched courses in games programming etc. aswell just to have a look so I am considering other areas.
    What options are there for funding ie. career development loans / uni.
    Any help would be much appreciated and thankyou for reading my post.This forums been really intersting and useful.Cheers, Gareth
    P.S I'm really sorry if I sound like a broken record and you think I should have done some reading before posting but I actually have and I'm finding mixed opinions and I'm confused! Thanks again
    Certifications: GNVQ ICT, Nat Diploma IT Practitioners
    WIP: Head above water

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