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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by LSpace, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. LSpace

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    Okay, as promised on various other threads, here is my request for help.
    I am serious about moving in to IT and am looking in to the general pc and network support and administration areas.
    As such, I feel the need to get some training and qualifications under my belt to help get the old foot in the door. I am currently reading Michael Meyers A+ book and it is going well. I want to move on to Network+ and MCSE and from there, who knows.
    What I am looking for is a good training firm that can give me the training materials and support I need. I have the academic background to get down to the learning (I got through my accounting exams despite being bored silly by every last bit of them) and stick to it. I would like to have more than just a set of books to read (too dry) but don't want to spend hours sitting in a classroom. Money is not a huge issue as I have some set aside for this and you get what you pay for.
    I have looked at NITLC and a few others and would be interested in your opinions on any of the firms you have spent money with (especially quality of materialsand type of training). I am waiting for some email responses from various organizations right now.
    Also, am I completely mad - is there a market right now for entry level guys in their 30s :( . I can't see myself going back in to accounting - I would end up wiping out a McDonalds with an Uzi :snipersm:
    Sorry for the length of the post - any insight you have would be most welcome.
  2. Nelix
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    Hi Neil,

    You will find that alot of the poeple on this forum are with NITLC, theres even a few that are on extensions to help complete the course, they provide good study material including workshops where applicable, the support that they provide is second to none, just pick up the phone and they are there for you, what ever the problem. The MCSE track includes A+, Network+, all of the MCP exams to get you MCSA and MCSE and CCNA, the fees, although they might seem a little steep, include everything from the course material and exam fees (not including resits), workshops and support, however, travel expences and accomodation for the workshops are not provided by NITLC but their is alot of B&B's/Hotels locally that offer discounts to NITLC students.

    You will also find a few people going through Compuserv, i dont know what you get for your money but i am sure someone will be along shortly with all the info that you need.

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    There is another thread in here where you will find some different opinions on various learning providers. Most of here are NITLC students.

    If you read the other thread you will find my comment much the same as yours "you get what you pay for" I would happily recommend the NITLC to anyone I think they are 1st class.

    Openings for people in their 30's? well I got into IT at the age of 33 so it is possible. If your involved in accounts I think you will find it easier as IT and Acconts seem to have a close relationship in most companies, look towards the SME market where you can use both skill sets.

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    Don't go with Computeach International.

    They don't give a Monkeys for their students.The tutors are pretty good.In fact I feel sorry for the tutors because many people blame them for the way Computeach is run.

    I could give a few examples of how Computeach have really hacked me off but I won't upset myself thinking about that.

    I don't know much about NITLC but if these guys give it the thumbs up :thumbleft then that's good enough for me.

    Know how you learn before anything else.Think about this for as long as it takes before making any decisions.

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