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Advice on moving on and training

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Solkazo, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. Solkazo

    Solkazo Bit Poster

    Greetings to everyone here :)

    I have a couple of questions and I would be grateful if I could be pointed in the right direction.

    I have recently graduated from a HND in ICT and business; I have as it stand no certifications under my belt which I’m looking to improve on (I am currently reading the mike Meyers network+ book) I think I will be sitting the exam after the new year deadline though so would require the 3 year retest which doesn't really bother me.

    What I would like to eventually achieve is some form of system admin role. Working with large scale networks / implementation of projects and such, my current mind set is to achieve my network + cert and move onto MCITP. Which would hopfuly qualify me to do or get into those roles.

    However; my current problem is I don’t have any real hands on experience with Microsoft server, exchange, active directory etc. Are there any training / books on the market that would be highly advice?

    My current standing is I’m working as a computer repair technician full time (worked part time while doing my HND) for a small company; I have taken over the role of the old head technician without realising and training the other 2 technicians doing system repairs. The company has started installing networks for small offices / businesses which is brilliant for hands on installation (trunking / running cable and networking stations to communicate to one another) so that’s been invaluable experience in its self.
    But I feel I’m at my peak in the company and ready to move onto the next step and take on more of a challenge.

    Sorry to waffle on :oops:
    so in essence the questions I’d like to ask are:
    1 - Would the network+ to MCITP be the correct path to take ?
    2 - What are some good books / training material for Microsoft server / exchange etc.

    Thank you for reading, all the best !
    Certifications: HND Computing and Business
    WIP: Exam 70-680

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