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Discussion in 'A+' started by IKKY87, Oct 13, 2016.

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    Im new to this forum, would like an advice from you experienced technicians. I am thinking about doing a Comptia A+ to gain extra knowledge and enhancing my CV. But im unsure of wether i should do a classroom course or online course, i know it depends on the individual but for someone like myself i have a Bsc Degree in IT and always had good general knowledge in IT, but 0 expereince in IT related jobs, what would be the best way? any feedback would be welcome. Thanks
  2. BB88

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    You already have a Bsc Degree in IT so I say you'd be fine self-studying and not spending unnecessary money on an online course or classroom (unless you really want to)

    Pick up the Mike Meyers books and watch the Professor Messer Videos (if that is still relevant, I did my A+ a few years back now) and go from there.
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    I echo what BB88 said. If you have not already, I would also try doing a personal PC build just to get familiar with the hardware components.
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    If you are looking for online training, I would recommend Career Academy, that's where I took my A+, Net+ and Sec+ training.
  5. cam1025

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    A+ will only verify your knowledge and skills on troubleshooting hardware and Windows operating system. It is good to show your employer or potential employer that you know the basics before moving onto advanced topics such as networking and security.

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