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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by andygt, Oct 5, 2004.

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  1. SacchinJ

    SacchinJ New Member

    Hi Guys

    I haven’t read most of the comments on this thread so I apologise if I’m repeating a lot of stuff already said.

    I am currently studying for my MCSA with Advent training. I have been with them since mid-October and have, to date, become A+ certified in that time. I have just returned from one of their 2 day workshops and found the experience to be very beneficial. The training facility is very modern and well maintained. The instructor we had was very good and certainly knew his stuff. In all, I am very pleased with the service I have received.

    The agreement with them is that once you have achieved your first certification (A+ in my case), their career development people get in touch with you and help get you a job. I have not yet heard from them (although I did only pass the exam 2 days ago). In all honesty, I entered the study plan not expecting too much from their career development side, more expected a high standard of teaching and assistance (which I have received)

    My advice is to enter a learning program with a TP with a realistic expectancy of what they can provide. Expect/demand great teaching and study material (and everything else study related). But these claims I’ve been reading of 97% employment rate is ridiculous. Nobody can guarantee that!! My expectancy from them is to help me refine my CV, maybe help with interview technique, but I’m relying on myself and my own applications for jobs to achieve my goals of employment. Certainly I will expect them to line up some interviews for me, but don’t just rely on them for this. Search for jobs yourself as well as whatever they throw your way. With an active, diligent approach to job seeking, I can’t see too many problems finding a DTS job to get started with.

    Overall, I would recommend Advent from a training viewpoint – Haven’t yet had any experience with their career development side yet but expecting them to contact me within the next few days. Will post my opinion as and when I see there level of service.

    Hope that helps

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  2. BB88

    BB88 Kilobyte Poster Gold Member

    I completely with kidrock182 also. I have purchased two said books which have been recommened on gaining my first qualification; CompTIA A+

    • A+ Certification All-In-One Exam Guide
    • PC Technician Street Smarts: A Real World Guide to CompTIA A+ Skills

    Over 1,500 pages for me to divulge in, cannot wait!
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  3. Waizer

    Waizer New Member

    So glad I found this post by searching on google for threads about advent. Saved myself over 5k and am now going to shortly going to be purchasing the books needed to self study, saving 4.9k!

    I agree with so many statements made on this thread, and they were perhaps the reason why I decided not to pay such a large sum in the end. So thanks to everyone who posted what was obvious but missed by people like myself who thought that a TP that charges a large amount is the only way into the IT industry.
  4. Grant

    Grant Bit Poster

    Has anyone been taken in by one of these companies, signed up and then realised they are being conned and tried to get out of the deal?? That's what I'm about to do and need any help or advice from someone who has done the same (hopefully succesfully).
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  5. GiddyG

    GiddyG Terabyte Poster Gold Member

    Search the threads... yes, people have signed up for something and come to regret it; some too late, and others where they have been able to do something about it.

    First things first: read the small print of any contract you've signed, or information you've been given by any company. There tends to be a cooling off period which, if it hasn't passed, allows you to cancel.

    If you're unsure, or if the period has passed but you do not believe that what the company has promised has or is being delivered, then I would stongly advise you to go to either the Citizens Advice Bureau or Trading Standards. They will be able to let you know what, if anything you can do.

    The thing is: do not sit stewing. Act now.
  6. Maseybaby

    Maseybaby Bit Poster

    I mega regret signing up with Advent. DO NOT DO IT! Lol. £4750 for something I could have got for under a £1000, and it's all self learning anyway. I haven't been contacted by them at all, I haven't even spoke to them for 5 months or done any certification work because I started university and not once have I been contacted to see how I'm doing or what progress I'm making. Great big con.
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  7. mitch0208

    mitch0208 New Member

    Well ive spent the last two nights reading peoples views about Advent and to be honest i am stuck in a rutt now. Altough don't get we wrong i am glad i found this forum.

    Before hand i was really interested in joining Advent to advance my none experience in IT. By experience i mean not actually in the Industry i do have a GNVQ & AVCE in ICT but i do not think they are worth anything to be honest lol! (although 3 years of college was fun)

    Anyways i had read mixed opinions about the company from this forum but thaught "hey at least to speak to a advisor is free...what do i have to lose?"

    So today i met with one of them (Mike) who works within the stoke area...anyone else who lives in stoke spoken to this chap? Now from alot of peoples views ive read they have said things along the line of;
    • They were told they have 10-14 days to decide if they want to join or not
    • Were told they were guaranteed a job
    • Were pushed by a "salesman" other peoples words not mine :)

    I thaught this Mike was far from that. My meeting with him lasted nearly a good 2hrs and he talked about their background and other various things. He seemed very friendly and knew what he was talking about (is it all pre-written) i will never know.

    He then talked about the different courses and which one he thaught would suit me best. He chose the MCSE + CCNA course. He explained everything about it from the certification path to the average wage of jobs to people with this qualification. He DID NOT say i would get this type of money it was just a guideline.

    He then talked about cost (£5,450) which to me who is someone who is paying another loan back at £183 a month plus other bills is ALOT OF MONEY! I did talk to him that this part was the only bit that is putting me off. He was very sympathetical (is that a word) ha ha.

    He then asked me if i would like for him to send a report to the Advisors to see if i was eligable to be accepted onto a course (not "you have 14 days to decide if you want to or not) so i said yes so i have not exactly said i want to do it. If this is what they all say then....i don't know.

    He then explained about if i was successfull about getting a loan with Barclays Bank to fund myself on dont pay anything for 12 months. He then said after 11 months if i feel i cannot pay all the money back then we could sort something out to pay back monthly but did advise me that the interest rate would be higher (very honest)

    He then talked about all other stuff like signing contracts and mentioned the cooling off period and so on and so on

    Now you know my full meeting ha ha.

    But anyways after this chap had gone i came onto here to carry on reading peoples opinion and most people are saying they are "Sharks" and "cons" and "do self study" etc.

    Can anyone clearly tell me now that Advent are "cons" and i will not give it any other considerations. Please people i desperatly need advice about this now.

    If i decide on not to do this Advent Course what about an apprenticeship (paid as i learn)
    The technical side of IT (1st and 2nd Line support) Does anyone know anywhere in Stoke-on-Trent do this kind of thing because i cannot find any information.

    Much help would be appreciated.
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  8. bobbynahal

    bobbynahal New Member


    I passed a degree in computer science almost four years ago but unfortunetly for me I never found a job in IT and have since been going from simple office jobs to earn a living.
    I am knowledgeable with IT although I have forgot alot of stuff and I am a very good learner of new things.

    I have recently met a chap from Advent who came to see me, although not pushy he did make a good sell.

    It has been awhile since this thread begun so I am wondering if there is anyone now who has been on this course and can recommend it.

    The chap basically promised i will be in an IT helpdesk role within months of beginning the course and if i continue to do well in the SQL database learning courses that I could see myself in a junior DBA role in a year.

    It all sounds very good but what is the reality behind it all?

    Any help much appreciated as I am now 28 and this is a big decision for me.


  9. CarpetBomber

    CarpetBomber New Member

    After reading this site I've decided to go the self learning route. I've been stressed out for day's since the @dvent geezer came round. I mean £5450 is a lot of money, try saving that amount and it would take years. I might get months into the course and hate it, or even get stuck in a crummy office for years on lower pay than I get now. Call me cynical but they might even have there own guys posting on this very sight saying how wonderful @dvent is.:dry and why do they have to send a guy round to tell you the price, it should be on there web site, its on this site. I hope we hear more from people who have finished the course. thanks.
  10. AJ

    AJ 01000001 01100100 01101101 01101001 01101110 Administrator

    FYI I am closing this thread. Not due to the content, but it is time to strat afresh on a new thread.

    Let's not "necropost", let's start new and see what happens :D
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