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Advent student being moved over to Computeach

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Alex399, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Alex399

    Alex399 Byte Poster

    So from what I hear from Computeach its likely that Advent students are to be moved over to Computeach, I did a few seconds... of research only to find this thread on here from a long time ago.

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    Yes, I did. And I'll be paying it back for a long time to come... I'm certainly not going to pay 5% a quarter on top!

    PS. Whilst putting my case together, I've reviewed my scores over the past couple of years. Here they are:

    Started course: 09.06.03 approx.
    Stage 1 (65% to pass)
    07.07.03 76% passed on 1st attempt

    Stage 2 (80% to pass)
    09.10.03 88% passed on 1st attempt

    Mock Exam 220-301 (90% to pass Computeach/57% to pass real exam)

    11.01.04 58%
    18.02.04 76%
    20.04.04 78%
    01.06.04 82%
    14.06.04 82%
    30.07.04 82%
    11.08.04 78%
    01.09.04 82%
    23.09.04 88%
    08.10.04 88%
    03.11.04 94% passed after 11 attempts

    Mock Exam 220-302 (90% to pass Computeach/56% to pass real exam)

    25.01.05 70%
    10.03.05 84%
    11.05.05 82%
    15.06.05 88%
    14.07.05 84%
    24.08.05 86%
    19.10.05 84%
    10.11.05 92% passed after 8 attempts

    I've only posted these to show how ridiculous the 90% pass policy is. Based on these alone, I'd likely have got a passing score on the real exams if I had just gone for them without using anything other than Sybex - and without Computeach.

    Or, if you look at it another way, I've spent two years passing a pretend exam and still have no idea how I'd do in a real one - after all, I've only ever looked at the 100 questions provided by Computeach in all that time... (Luckily, I've looked for test questions elsewhere - my naivity does have limits!)


    Can anyone confirm with me who are currently with Computeach that percentages stated in this post for the mock exams are still true, if so I think Ive already completley lost faith in them before Ive even been moved over to them :eek:
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  2. Gingerdave

    Gingerdave Megabyte Poster

    They look wrong to me mate far to low on the actual ones.
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  3. JonnyMX

    JonnyMX Petabyte Poster

    If you think about it, it is in the interest of any TP who offers to pay for exam fees to delay students from sitting exams for as long as possible.

    Likewise any that promise jobs at the end of the course.

    It's something that goes on an awful lot I'm afraid and just grinds the student down until they give up. And the TP gets off scott free by saying things like 'we demand high standards to assure the students pass first time' so they don't get criticised.

    It's nothing short of obstruction.

    I've even heard tell of one TP, can't remember if it was this one, who told their students that exams could only be say in June or November. And guess what, you were never quite ready for this one, or it was full, so you had to wait 6 months...
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  4. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    why not give the TP up, save yourself the money and self study.

    then you wont have any of this crap.
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  5. soundian

    soundian Gigabyte Poster

    Those stats are from 5 years ago.
    I'm not a big fan of training providers at this level (because I'm convinced that anyone can self-study at this level because there are no particularly difficult concepts to learn, and that's coming from someone who has only recently got their first IT job) but fair play, those stats are for exams 2 revisions ago and the company might have underwent a fair few changes in study materials etc since then.

    Some return for your money is better than none, but I'd complement their study materials with my own. A book only costs £30 +/- £10, a mere drop compared to the ocean of debt you probably got yourself in to so spend the extra few quid to make sure if you're in any doubt.
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  6. Alex399

    Alex399 Byte Poster

    I would love to give up the Training Provider GBL but for the time being Barclays still have a tight leesh round my neck with where this goes from here in terms of Advent going bang, the exams fees are included in the course I am paying for, so its not financially viable for me to start paying for it now if its to be included in a future program they put me in.

    I am kind of thankfull I guess that I haven't been completley screwed over by this compared to people who paid by cash or in full by debit card :eek:
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  7. JonnyMX

    JonnyMX Petabyte Poster

    I still find it ironic that Advent has gone under because of Barclay's decision to pull out of the unsecured 'training provider' market and as a result have had to find a training provider for all the left over students.

    They must be itching to pull the string on CT too at which point everyone will vanish up their own backsides...
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  8. Alex399

    Alex399 Byte Poster

    They have kind of shot themselves in the foot but I think they knew full well that it was leading to a big financial mess if they were going to stay in that sector, I joined a group on Face book for the cause of Barclays giving students their money back... I never really had high hopes for it but I was just interested to see what peoples feedback was going to be.

    At 25% APR if you haven't paid off your £5000 course after the one year interest free period your going to be crushed by a huge mountain of debt unless you are on a very healthy salary to pay it off shortly after those 12 months. It was pretty disgusting finding out how much some students were paying in interest, some were paying almost the price of the course again in interest!! in the matter of 4 years.

    Barclays are under estimating the naivety of people these days and they become doomed by their own victory, they are making insane amounts of money from charging interest but exactly when do these people start to pay it back... most likely not soon enough meaning Barclays can't keep an effective cash flow on this Project they had with Advent.

    I was Naive to take the course out in the first place, I did research but it didn't seem to be enough research.

    Was I going to pay for £5000 for a course that had a fixed rate of 25% APR after a measly 12 month interest free period! Over my dead body :x
    I was then offered a 60 month payment agreement with a fixed rate of 0% interest through the whole period... nothing has ever seemed to go from one extreme to another so much in my life in terms of a financial agreement, I then accepted the deal without hesitation and I realised in the last couple of months that it seems I was in fact very fortunate to get a 0% interest deal.
    Sorry Barclays! You aren't going to be making money off me! :biggrin

    On a side note Computeach don't rely on a bank for financial support its a straight forward monthly direct debit payment of about £136 if I remember correctly and from my original post it looks like they try to keep you on their courses for as long as possible with 90% pass rates for mocks before you even get to the real exam :eek:
    On the upside I guess there students leave them feeling ripped off but yet more educated than those with Advent with Mock pass rates of 90% :D, or is this 90% mock pass rate a standard for mocks...? sounds pretty high to me anyway.

    Thank you for reading my rabble!

    any current computeach students have anything they want to add :)
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  9. Gingerdave

    Gingerdave Megabyte Poster

    Advent used to ask for 75%-80% which I thought was pretty resonable tbh
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  10. TeeBob

    TeeBob New Member

    Am in the same boat.

    Interest free loan.

    Now moving to Computeach after Advent went [​IMG].
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