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  1. Frontier

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    I found a website with practice exams for the A+ course and scored 60%+ in all the exams even though I havnt taken the course. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the score needed to pass the A+ exam. Although I am not looking to go down the hardware route it still may be a useful cert to have if I can pass. If the pass score is above 60% I may sit the exam. Why not? lol.
  2. moominboy

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    pretty sure its 70% for the hardware and os exams but yet to take them so i may be wrong.

    EDIT: whereabouts was the site?
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  3. Bluerinse
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    I haven't done the A+ exam but there is no way I would sit an exam without studying for it. I have a fair knowlege of computer hardware, but I do not have the necessary knowlege drilled in parrot fashion to stand a good chance of passing. So, I wouldn't want to waste money and be left with that ouch I failed feeling.

    The ligitimate free exams that are to be found on the net, bear little resemblance to the real thing. They are just another study aid. If you passed them all with 100% first time and you were involved in the cutting edge of hardware at work, well maybe you could have a punt :rolleyes:

    Just my $0.2

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  4. Tyler D

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    Just to back up the point that pete was making,whilst spending a week with my training provider doing in-class hands on for the A+ exams the tutor was talking about the class of pupils that he had the week before.
    Out of the 8 people who took the exam's all passed the O/S and 7 passed th Hardware exam.
    That one person who failed the Hardware exam was MCSA qualified and well on the way to becoming MCSE,and the A+ is an entry level cert.

    So i dont think that it would be wise to go into an exam without actually ever studying the material first.

    The Pass marks for the exams are:Hardware 515 out of 900
    O/S 505 out of 900.
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  5. Boycie
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    I am with Pete and Tyler D on this. Study and practice.
    Many people can drive a car but you need to "learn to pass the test".
    Best of luck. There is loads of help on here if you need it. :D
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  6. Veteran's son

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    Not much to add to what the others have already said. :)
    I would not advise writing the exams unless you studied quite
    a bit(only my opinion,though).
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