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A+ where to start??

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by daku, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. daku

    daku New Member

    hey guys

    im thinkin of starting my A+(self study) but dn't really know where to start!:eek:

    what materials do i use??
    how long will it take me if i study 3hrs a day??
    how many exams do i take??
    where do i take these exams??
    how much are the exams?? :eek:

  2. stutheview

    stutheview Byte Poster

    Hi daku,

    It's a bit difficult to say what you need and how long it'll take, because it depends how much prior knowledge you've got.

    A good start is to have a look at a couple of books, see which you feel comfortable with, and get a PC that you're happy to take to bits and have a look at the insides. Hands on helped me when I got my A+ 2003.

    There are 2 exams to take which are (I think :unsure ) about £100 - £120ish.

    Hope this helps.

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  3. VantageIsle

    VantageIsle Kilobyte Poster

    Hi daku and welcome to certforums.

    you may want to check this rather helpful link:


    should answer a lot of your questions. How long it takes you all depends on how you like to study and how quick you learn.

    One word of advice, don't rush through the A+ learn the info to be a good tech and not just to get a pass mark. If you learn the A+ material your sure to pass.

    For study I would recommend the Mike Mayers all In One book, a cheap junk PC (£20-30 topps) and the interweb.

    The A+ forums on these 'ere boards are a good place to hang and chat to others who are studying for this cert, this place on a whole is a massive help for info If you use the forum search feature. This helps me a lot when I want to find something out!!

    Best of luck with your studies.:biggrin
    Certifications: A+, ITIL V3, MCSA, MCITP:EST, CCENT, 70-432-SQL, 70-401 SCCM
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  4. Alex Wright

    Alex Wright Megabyte Poster

    Hi daku,

    The A+ is a great cert if you're just starting out.

    The best self-study book on the market is Mike Meyer's All-In-One Exam Guide Sixth Edition:


    Once you've read through that book, purchase James Pyle's PC Technician Street Smarts book, it gives you an inside look at the common responsibilities and day-to-day tasks of PC Technicians:


    How long it will take you to pass is not something any of us can tell you. Remember, different people learn at different speeds! There is a short guideline at the beginning of Mike Meyer's book, and if memory serves correctly, and the guideline is accurate, a newbie would need about 200hrs of study before he/she is ready to sit the exam.

    Exam information can be found on these very forums:


    Hope that helps!

    Very best of luck with your studies. :)

    Certifications: 70-680 Configuring Windows 7
    WIP: 70-642
  5. daku

    daku New Member

    thanks guys. much appreciated :D
  6. maviing

    maviing New Member

    Hi guys,

    Does anyone know a good course provider on training that?

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