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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Speedy, Jan 20, 2006.

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    After reading lots of different advice on traing for A+, please let me know what your advice is on the following:

    I have average knowledge of computers, both hardware and software. I have used 95/98/ME/XP. I have set up a wireless network in XP and ME and also got a Wireless Print server to work (god knows how!) I know most DOS commands, and can build/upgrade PCs without any bother.

    My work experience includes 1 year training staff in the midlands (PC World/Dixons) on the Pentium 3 processor when it was launched, an 1 year delivering those nasty PC's that you can buy in Lttlewoods. That meant setting up, and sometimes putting the bits that had fell off (Fan etc) on the way!

    Could I just get the Meyers A+ book, study that, then take the exams, or is it slightly harder than I think?

    Many Thanks to all - This forum is fantastic! :p
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    Hi, welcome aboard.

    You already have experience which is relevant to the A+. If you get yourself a good book (Mike Myers all in one), an old PC, the web and CF as a resource i think you will find the A+ quite straight forward.
    Don't forget to allow £200 in your budget for exams :thumbleft
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    Boyce pretty much covered it..but that old pc that you can pull apart is a must! the A+ all in one will have lots of labs and pictures to help you learn so you must have that pc near by!
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