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A+ tables

Discussion in 'A+' started by shadeyB, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. shadeyB

    shadeyB Bit Poster

    hi guys an gals
    i have recently started study towards A+
    i am findind the study material very interesting,
    at the same time finding it somewhat difficult to memorise the table's ;adressing Bus Speeds, Bandwith's, I/O voltage's off certain Processors ect ect
    how important is it to know these tables off by heart ??
    i am trying tho , with stick it notes here and there LOL
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  2. shadeyB

    shadeyB Bit Poster

    well ......:dry

    with the use off "Stick it notes" and going over and over and over them i am getting to know most off the table's , i will always have the books for reference anyhow

    thanks anyway
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  3. shadeyB

    shadeyB Bit Poster

    So after 218 thread views STILL no reply ?? LMFAO
    was my initial question toooooo difficult to answer or just to simple to read :blink

    so much for a forum thats "HERE TO HELP" ha ha
    and after been suggested by a friend to check it out .... well....em.....ur....wot about it :rolleyes:

    there goes donating to a supposed worthy cause ??
    YEAH thats right ask yourself..... why did nobody say.... "yes Barry u need to know the table's off by heart "
    or "No it's something you'll pick up in time with experience"
    i joined this forum in good faith that i might find some additional support or help with my study towards starting out in IT with A+ & N+ Cert and so fourth as i'm taking this VERY SERIOUSLY as it is my choice to change my career !
    Yet the only response to the only thread i have started in the section i am studying is my own HA F-in HA

    tanks in advance for......

    PS the only one that speaks his mind in here is BosonMichael
    i'v checked out most eh yer posts dude and + respect 2 u

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  4. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    Sorry, Barry. This question's been asked quite a bit here, but looking back through the forum, it's not easy to find the exact answer to your question.

    The quick answer is this: If it's in the book, or if it's mentioned in the A+ objectives on CompTIA's site, it's fair game to be asked on the exam.

    Do you need to know them by heart? Hard to say... knowing them "well enough" might give you enough info to pick out the right answer on a multiple choice exam... and it might not. Then again, you might not get ANY questions on that topic. Who knows?

    Is it something you'll pick up in time with experience? Absolutely. The longer you've been messing with PCs, the more bits of obscure, trivial information you'll manage to acquire inside your dome.

    So should you memorize things bit by bit? We can't answer that for you, because everyone's exam is slightly different. Plus, each of us who has taken a CompTIA exam has signed a confidentiality agreement (as will you, when you take it) that says that we won't reveal anything we've seen on the exam. Thus, my first bit of advice is probably the best advice you'll get: If it's in the book, or if it's mentioned in the A+ objectives on CompTIA's site, it's fair game to be asked on the exam. :)

    Hope this helps.

    One word of advice - this is a forum, not a for-pay question answering service. Everyone here volunteers their time to answer questions. I understand that your first couple posts weren't responded to, and that's regrettable, but perhaps everyone qualified to answer was tied up at the moment, and if they don't remember to go back to your post, it sorta gets lost in the shuffle... that advice coming from someone who probably reads every post on the forum. And it does no good to get upset at people because they're not answering quick enough... all it does is cause people to not want to answer.

    That said, you have my apologies for not responding to you sooner. And thanks for the props - I appreciate it. I hope you decide to stick around.
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  5. Fergal1982

    Fergal1982 Petabyte Poster

    Sorry mate, but acting like a d*ck on a free service, where people give up their time to answer questions and aid people isnt going to get you any more of a response. In fact, it will make us just ignore you more.

    Count yourself lucky BM is gracious enough to actually respond to you after a post like this, because I sure as hell wouldnt bother answering your question. I give up my time for free. I dont get any of the money that people "donate" by signing up for premium membership, nor does anyone else. All that money is used for hosting costs, forum upgrades, etc.

    I've lost count of the number of posts I've made on the forum that havent been responded to. I dont see anyone else throwing their toys out of the pram every time it happens. You havent chucked in 20 quid in order to get a response, so dont get pissy if you dont get one at all. You've paid absolutley f*ck all to swan in here and post your question. You didnt pay for your query, we dont get paid to respond.

    Are you one of those people who gets the freebie, and then has the gall to bitch about how sh*t it is?
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  6. shadeyB

    shadeyB Bit Poster

    LMAO ^^^^

    funny how it takes a post like i did for u to reply tho and with a reply like that...... :blink

    Before this turns into a hate thread :twisted:
    1. i do sincerely appologise if i have offended any user in here ( difficult times just now ) although not an excuse
    2. i know this is a free forum in which ppl volunteer advice as i do in other free forums
    3. thanks again for the honest and positive answer BM ( i can see how this can be a difficult to answer forum with Confidentiality Agreement :oops:)
    4. i also understand posts get lost
    5. yeah Boson i will stick around thx and most probably donate too as i do know how the FORUM works ie, none get paid

    finally thx again BM +rep
    sorry Fergal...... chill you D**K lol

    Certifications: Birth , Marriage & Driving
  7. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    I had never seen your thread otherwise I might have responded. There are other threads to read and respond to on here not just yours. I have posted on here before and not had a reply, I have posted on here and had a reply to my query a few days after.

    That is how things work, tough titties as they say up here.
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