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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Fazzy, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. Fazzy

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    After careful consideration, i've decided to go down the self study route for the A+. Just a quick question regarding some of the study material that is about. I've decided to go for the Mike Myers book and either Examcram2 book or the Sybex complete study guide. Out of the two which one would be better choice based on other peoples experiences?
  2. cazzam35

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    Mike Myers book and either Examcram2 book or the Sybex complete study guide

    I've got and used both the Examcram2 book and the
    Sybex complete study guide and found them very informative.

    The Exam cram tends to teach you the best way to read
    and understand the exams in easy format, while the Sybex
    tends to stay on the technical side.

    Never used the Mike Myers but heard nothing but great
    reviews on it, hope this helps you.

    Just as a short note, there are loads of sites where you can
    download "dumps" etc, my advise is to stay clear, as i've
    found in the past that they've been passed around and
    editted so many times, they are probably all wrong.

    Stick with the one's you know-cheers
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  3. Phoenix
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    an examcram is generally used as an exam preperation tool, not a study guide
    so if your happy wit hthe content of the mike meyers book, then thats cool, go for Examcram 2 to polish your knowledge before exam day
    if not, get the sybex one, and possibly the exam cram2 nearer exam time (its only an extra 20 quid)

    good luck
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  4. Fazzy

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    Cheers guys. By the sounds of it, its one out of the Mike Myers book and the Sybex Study Guide with the Examcram2 used to top up my knowledge nearer exam time. I've heard good things about the Myers book on this site but by the same token the Sybex guide has also received praise. Might even go for both but would preferably like to stick to one to use with the Examcram2. Once again thank you guys, have found this site a brilliant source of info with lots of people on hand to offer some friendly advice.
  5. tripwire45
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    I agree wholeheartedly with Phoenix's assessment, Fazzy. You might want to take a look at the A+ forum here at CertForums:


    The various threads might help you with your studies and some of your questions might have already been answered there. Also, I pinned a thread up at the top of the forum called Books and Resources which includes a link to the Meyers book on Amazon. I encourage anyone who finds other books or resources that helped them with the A+ to post on that thread and add to our knowledge base.

    Hope that helps.
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