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    These are just a few general guidelines for the A+ quiz. As always they are open to improvement.

    One member of the quiz group will be designated the host, and will be required to write about 30 questions.

    The topic/topics can be decided by the whole group, and the topics can vary.

    If there's many short questions, then there may be more than 30 questions.

    It will be restricted to people actually studying for the A+ (to start with).

    We'll take it in alphabetical order of the participants names.

    Each participant has a question, if you don't know then say pass.

    These questions are asked one at a time to individuals, its not a free for all, only the addressed participant can answer, each question is assigned to a participant by name.

    I have a timer here and you get 20 seconds to read, think and start to answer the question.

    The timer starts when I post the question.

    Not ALL questions are Multi choice.

    With the non multi choice you don't have to write a mega essay, just a couple of descriptive keywords.

    Timed out questions will be asked again at the end as bonus questions.

    No more answers after time up.

    Don't answer passed or timed out answers please.

    If anyone can think of anything else I've missed, please let me know. :D
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    Since i'm new to this i would like to know how is this quiz session conducted?

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