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Discussion in 'A+' started by Isuru, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Isuru

    Isuru New Member

    Hi every body..

    I'm willing to do the A+ OS exame end of this month. If eny body have moke exames or know whare to download the questions please be kind to replay me. Any way what are U think about the A+ OS exame comparing to A+ core exame ? Is it Hard ???
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  2. tripwire45
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    I answered your first question here:


    Most people consider the OS exam to be harder but I think it's just a matter of opinion and what you are good at. Hardware seems to be easier to understand since it is physical. I remember being more intimidated by the OS exam than the hardware but I ended up passing them both the first time (I took them on the same day).

    You seem interested in practice exams but what are you using for study materials? Practice exams are only a part of preparing yourself for sitting the exams. You still need to study the material and most of all practice on real computers.
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  3. Isuru

    Isuru New Member

    Thank U tripwire45,

    I read U'r both articles. I agree with U for about the moke exames argument but I'm living in sri lanka. So U know it is a 3rd level economic country & very hard to get jobs. Because of that i'm limited only to the logical aspects. Alos I will triey to find out some A+ Questions in the web .. Thank U very much again..
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  4. Veteran's son

    Veteran's son Megabyte Poster


    In writing both the hardware and software exams,
    I found the software to be more difficult, to be sure. :ohmy
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