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A+ or MCP?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Saryn, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Saryn

    Saryn New Member

    Hello everyone, been doing alot of reading on the site but still, I need some advice as to choose A+ or MCP.

    My current situation is that I have graduated 2 years ago and have not been able to secure myself in an IT job such as Help Desk. I did do an graduate scheme, unfortunetly not in IT although I was promised a role in helpdesk in that company, but things happened and, well that another story.

    Now, I am technically minded, I can fault find and fix computers, provide over the phone support and really talk the talk. But the problem comes in getting a job as I do not have the work experience, that vicious circle again...

    My understanding is the A+ is for those who have little knowledge of computing and experience. But it is highly recommended. Is it worth me doing that and then doing the MCDST course????

    And my BIG question is will these certs help in at least getting me an interview for a job?

    Certifications: Does a degree in computing count?
  2. dominoe

    dominoe Nibble Poster

    I dont think theres any correct route to getting an IT job the A+ and MCP may just give you the edge in getting an interview yes, but practical experience is golden try and get some voluntary work as well. The A+ is a good solid cert to have and Id recommend doing it to start with using Mike Meyers all in one 6th ed.
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  3. Princey

    Princey Nibble Poster

    Why cant you take them both ?

    A+ covers hardware aswell as OS technologies whereas MCP covers a specific topic. In my eyes you cant really compare A+ to an MCP, they're too different.
    Certifications: A+, CCNA, MCSE 2003, NICE Voice Recording,
  4. michael78

    michael78 Terabyte Poster

    Difficult one this as you would probably learn more and get more benefit out of doing the A+ but employers IMHO look a lot more towards MCP's in general.
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  5. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    The A+ will certainly help. Certifications can help set yourself apart from others with equivalent experience levels. If you're competing for an entry-level job against a bunch of people with no experience AND no certifications, you'll have your certification to help make your CV/resume shine, which can make a difference in getting an interview.

    Unfortunately, certifications don't trump experience... which is why you should focus on entry-level jobs so you can get your start in IT to begin building that experience.

    You say that "the A+ is for those who have little knowledge of computing and experience". But look at it this way... even if you think you already know everything that the A+ offers, is the certification more to teach you new information, or is it more to show an employer that you know the information? Aha! ;)

    That said... I'd be surprised if you didn't learn anything new while studying for the A+. I was a computer enthusiast for 18 years before getting my first IT job, and even I learned new things.

    The MCDST is also worthwhile... not instead of the A+, but in addition to it. Additionally, Network+ is worth considering at some point in your early career.

    Best of luck!
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  6. Princey

    Princey Nibble Poster

    Agreed, MCDST, A+ and N+ and perhaps an MCP will provide you with a solid foundation to work upon.
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  7. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster


    I have been self studying for the A+ and I HAVE learned things I didnt know I have also updated my knowledge on things I knew that have changed since I graduated from Uni.

    So I would say A+, N+, MCP, MSCDST
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  8. Saryn

    Saryn New Member

    Interesting indeed, its time I cracked on with it I guess.

    Thanks for the info everyone. Also, where would be a good place to start looking for voluntary work, especially in IT.
    Certifications: Does a degree in computing count?

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