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a new option into the mix...

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by shaggy, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. shaggy

    shaggy Byte Poster

    Ok so some of you may remember my last post about not knowing what to do between sticking with a job that i have now quit and going to some course thing where the princes trust apparently help with funding etc for my own business, this would be a PC callout guy sorta business

    but after reading a few of your responses to that, i applied for a load more full time jobs, 1st line, helpdesk etc, still with no luck yet though

    but anyway, new idea, University, specifically looking at this course http://www.southend.ac.uk/courses/detail.asp?v=HE06&c=1474

    few things taken into consideration though, money, isnt really a problem, im in a low income household so can get grants for most of my course fees. living costs, not a problem, the uni is half hours walk from my house

    ermmm so yeah, my decisions now consist of getting a regular job in IT, 1st line etc OR going along with the princes trust course and possibly starting my own business, which as said before i know requires a lot of motivation and drive, i dont have a problem with that OR going to university, bearing in mind i cant start till NEXT september, which gives me time to finish the A+ and possibly do the N+?

    also, a question reguarding the uni course, theres a bit that says "This course supports study for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Microsoft Certified Practitioner (MCP) qualifications whilst providing the academic attainment of 360 credits." does this mean i will learn things on that course that i can use for a MS cert?

    thanks once again for any input
    Certifications: BND ICT Systems Support and Networking
    WIP: A+

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