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Discussion in 'A+' started by 808, Feb 13, 2005.

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    can anyone tell me about the latest A+ syllabus.the training provider i am with(see my other posts)seems to bang on about amd k6 and cyrix cpu's and hardly touches upon pentium 4.is this to be expected of this course or is this totally out of date
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    Have you tried CompTIA's site yet? Here's the link to their A+ page:


    Click on the A+ Objectives button. You'll have to register to get the actual objectives but they are the official word from comptia as to what you can and will be tested on when you take the exams.
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    You can be tested on anything, win95 questions are becoming rare but it pays to have some knowledge of it, XP questions are becoming more common but I know where your coming from, not one XP question in your test right? Questions cover all the old technology as well so it's no good being all clued up about new stuff and not have a clue about the older stuff.
    When I done the exam I had several XP questions but one guy had loads of NT & ME, others had 98 & 2000. Luck of the draw so you gotta have a decent grasp on them all.

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