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Discussion in 'A+' started by bish79, Nov 8, 2004.

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    Hi guys, Thanks for replying, I mean around this site, My coursework question is.

    Yuo have a computer running windows 98 on a hard disk that has two partitions, C: and D: windows 98 is installed on the primary partition (partition C:). Explain the steps that would need to be carried out to:

    a. Make sure windows 2000 is compatible with the current system. (If anybody answers this one can you please be specific)
    b. Install windows 2000 to the second partition (partition D:), setup for dual-boot (using the cd-rom) drive which is set for autorun in windows 98)
    c. Explain which file system types could be used so that files can be readand written between the two partitions from either operating system. Which one would be the best choice for performance.
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    Well, it wont really help you if we just out and out answer the question for you, so what I'd like to know is what book are you using to study, then we can look at pointing you to the relevant sections.I guess a quick look around the Microsoft General and Client exams forums on here will help for a start too....
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    C is a piece of cake, the answer to A is probably right on your Windows 2000 CD or a quick search of either MS or Google will yield the answer and PC911 can teach you what you need to know about dual booting in very straightforward terms.

    I'd also have to agree with Jak and ask about the text you are using. Usually, the answers to questions like these are contained in the pages. Learning the specific answers won't help you as much as understanding the larger concepts and how thinks work as systems. I don't know what sort of access you have to a lab but the real way to learn this stuff is hands on. You won't really understand the answers to these questions until you actually do all of the things that are described in your question. The first time you set up a dual booting computer is a blast. :biggrin
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