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A good way to enhance your CV?

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by HConstabulary Isobel, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. HConstabulary Isobel

    HConstabulary Isobel New Member

    Has anyone thought about doing a volunteering role to enhance their CV? Employers are often impressed with candidates that have this level of commitment and initiative. It doesn't even have to be full time, a little goes a long way! Hertfordshire Constabulary have some interesting volunteering opportunities at the moment, which you can find out more about on their website:


    On behalf of Hertfordshire Constabulary Special Constables
  2. JK2447
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    JK2447 Petabyte Poster Administrator

    Thanks very much for this info and link. We often advise people to do voluntary work as it looks great on their CV and reflects well on them. Its mainly charities we hear needing people so its nice to hear from you.

    I would like to voluteer for the police but am unsure of how to go about it or how much time it would take as I'm busy in work and with my studies. Ideally I'd like to use my skills in some way to catch people who target minors, share images etc if that is possible??? I'm a father myself and its something I wish I could help prevent.

    My local constabulary is Merserside so if you could help me find this info out I'd appreciate it. Thanks, James
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  3. HConstabulary Isobel

    HConstabulary Isobel New Member

    Hi James,

    Glad to hear that you're interested.
    At the moment the Hertfordshire Constabulary are recruiting Special Constables. For this role you need to be able to give 16 hours a month, although this can be split into flexible shifts to fit around your existing commitments. This position offers the opportunity to go out on patrol with existing police officers where you will calm disputes, answer calls and take part in special initiatives.
    I know that Merseyside have a similar scheme, which you can find out more about on the Merseyside Constabulary website. Or it may be better to contact them directly to see if they have any opportunities that are closer to your preferences.

    I hope this has helped, but do let me know if I can assist you further.

    On behalf of Hertfordshire Constabulary Special Constables
  4. kevicho

    kevicho Gigabyte Poster

    As supportive as I am for the good people in the police forces (despite a lot of youtube videos showing a lot of bad eggs) im not sure this sort of volunteering will help anyone with their IT career, as from the sounds of it this doesnt sound like IT related work (eg fixing IT issues) will be involved.

    Also from a personal point of view I would prefer paid, well trained police officers (who know they are public servants) on the beat, dealing with crime (and not harrasing people using terrorism legislation (section 44 if i remember correctly) - youtube is full of this) as opposed to volunteers who dont know the law (and some seem to be on a power trip!).

    I will end my point there (Before I go way off topic lol).
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